Nootropics have become a growing trend globally. People in the developed countries tend to lean towards it more than in the developing ones. Still, its consumption rate is exceptional compared to other supplements.

One such nootropic is Suntheanine ® that is known for its credibility and efficiency. We have written an in-depth review of this product to guide you in your purchase.


Knowing the ingredients of any nootropic can help you know whether the product is legit or not. Therefore, we have discussed Suntheanine’s ® ingredients below:

Coconut Oil:

The focus of this nootropic is on the productive utilization of coconut oil. Coconut oil has plenty of beneficial uses in various medicines and skin products.

Here, it is used for the nourishment of your brain and body. The use of this component allowed the manufacturer to provide your body with instant energy. Moreover, it also raises the level of good cholesterol in your body.

Organic Beeswax:

This component doesn’t necessarily have a brain exclusive function to be part of this formula but it improves the overall health of the human body.

It raises the level of good cholesterol in your body and has anti-inflammatory properties which impact your brain’s health positively.


This ingredient is most commonly found in mushrooms and tea. If you skim through some other nootropics’ ingredients, you’ll find L-Theanine as a staple component of their formulae.

Some common mental illnesses like depression anxiety and stress can be treated with a recommended use of L-Theanine by doctors. Furthermore, it shows positive impressions on people suffering from Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, and attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


Although mentioned separately, Suntheanine and L-Theanine are the same component with a slight variation. Suntheanine is a pure form of L-Theanine that is made through a detailed process of fermentation.

It naturally stimulates the human brain by activating the alpha waves. This way, the brain activity of a normal brain is increased and your brain’s focus is sharpened. Moreover, your attention span is lengthened without your brain being strained or stressed.


1) Mental Clarity & Improved Focus:

After adding this nootropic in your daily diet, you’ll observe that your brain is free of fatigue and foggy thoughts, that is because of its tested ingredients.

For instance, ingredients like L-Theanine or suntheanine are known for improving your brain’s activity by increasing the projection of alpha waves.

2) Promotes Relaxed Mental State:

It is important that your brain remains relaxed under pressure for improved mental performance. The ingredients used in Suntheanine ® formula makes sure that your brain remains active in a difficult situation without putting you to sleep.   

3) Fights off Signs of Caffeine Consumption:

While using this nootropic you don’t need to continuously consume coffee to help you focus and stay awake. Simply put, this nootropic can be used in place of coffee minus the side effects.

You’ll be focused and awake for late night work and assignments but without consuming any caffeine. Impressive, isn’t it?

4) Better Sleep Quality:

By using beeswax, coconut and other vitamins in its formula, the manufacturer of this nootropic has ensured better quality sleep for its users. When your brain is energized yet relaxed then your state of mind is healthy and fresh even when you are asleep.

5) Allergen Free:

The formula of this product doesn’t include any ingredients that can cause allergies, and some basic and famous allergens are eliminated from the formula. These allergens are fish, crustacean shellfish, peanut, eggs, milk, gluten, soy, and wheat.


1) Fake Advertisement:

Some people think that the reviews shown on Amazon’s page are influenced by the manufacturer’s marketing strategy. People who post a positive review are guaranteed to receive one free bottle of this nootropic.

But this nullifies the claim that the product is ineffective, because if it was, why would someone post a positive review to get another bottle of something that doesn’t work?

2) Softgel Tablets:

Softgel is not a preferred form of eating a nootropic for many customers. Some people are paranoid about the ingredients that are used to create them. 

Daily Recommended Dosage:

The product weighs around 200 mg and has 60 softgels in total. You can eat it with water or with a meal but the dosage for different individuals can vary.

It is advised that you consult with your doctor who knows your previous health history before using any kind of nootropics or supplements.


People who use nootropics always find it a hit or miss. Not all sellers and nootropics are legit and authentic.

Hence, if a manufacturer offers any kind of guarantee or warranty for its users, then they are showing their confidence in the product. And this confidence is something that makes them reliable in the eyes of the customers.

Suntheanine ® comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can simply return it and ask for a refund. The process of filing for a refund is elaborated on websites like Amazon.


Suntheanine ® formula is clinically tested and approved and the facility where it’s manufactured is certified by cGMP as well. This means that not only the ingredients used are of high quality and free of allergens but the facility is also free of any impurities.

In addition to this, it also has a non-GMO certification which guarantees that no artificial flavours and colourings, Titanium dioxide, or stearate have been used in its production.

People who are cautious of their diet can check such certifications to assure themselves that what they are eating on a daily basis won’t harm them in any way.

Reviews & Ratings:

Suntheanine ® almost has a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon and other similar sites. Moreover, its reviews are positive and more than one reviewer have attested to the claims of the product’s manufacturer.


The ingredients used in Suntheanine ® are apt considering their clinical alignments. People with anxiety have experienced a prominent change in their mental health and have recommended to other people suffering from similar mental diseases.

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