Lion’s Mane mushroom is part of several nootropics because of its varied medicinal properties. It helps the human mind cope with depression, anxiety, and stress and enhances the immune system. 

Real Mushroom decided to put the efficiency of Lion’s Mane mushroom to full use by cultivating a nootropic entirely centered on its benefits.

Lion’s Mane mushroom extract powder is a one of a kind nootropic that is made using unconventional methods and ingredients. These ingredients are discussed below:


Mushroom Extracts:

It is common knowledge that it is hard to use mushrooms in supplements and medicines if they are not available in an extract form. This is because the cell wall of mushrooms is made from chitin, a component difficult to digest by human digestive systems.

The leading mushroom used in this product’s formula is Lion’s Mane. It has plenty of benefits in relation to the human brain and body.

It helps to reduce symptoms related to anxiety and depression and relieves stress induced fatigue. A relaxed mental state improves your sleep quality and keeps you fresh all the time.

It is important to mention that it also affects your cognitive functionality positively and sharpens your focus and memory skills.

Beta D-glucans:

Beta D-glucans have a positive effect on the human body because of its medicinal properties. It helps the body in stabilizing blood sugar level by preventing cholesterol absorption. It also prevents infections and inflammation by increasing the performance of your immune system


Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract Powder formula contains 5% of starch in its formula that has high purity. This means that there are absolutely no fillers included in supplement just for the purpose of adding weightage.

It also has positive effects on your health as it reduces blood sugar levels and enhances insulin receptivity.


1) 100% Organic:

Real Mushroom claims that their products are 100% pure and are imported from China. 80% of the world’s mushroom comes from China and so does their extracts.

The product has been clinically tested for its organic authenticity and the results validate Real Mushroom’s claims of 100% organic product.

2) Free of Fillers & Impurities:

Many manufacturers add grain fillers and the likes to show extra ingredients in its formula. These ingredients have no real benefit for the customers.

Real Mushroom has done no such thing to improve their formula ingredients, count. Their product is 100% mushroom centered.

3) Varied Usage:

Just like its name suggests, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract Powder comes in powdered form and can be added to your diet in various ways. You can add it in your morning tea or coffee or enjoy it with your energy drinks or milkshakes without any health drawbacks.

4) Enhances Immune System:

Lion’s Mane mushroom extract is part of several nootropics’ formulae because of its positive impacts on human health and brain.

The addition of Lion’s Mane in this nootropic guarantees improved performance of your immune system.

5) Improved Cognitive Functionality:

Another important benefit of Lion’s Mane is that it improves your brain’s cognitive functionality as well as it cures several mental illnesses.

Simply put, it is responsible for your brain’s sharped focus, improved learning skills, and enhanced retention. Furthermore, it rids your brain of fatigue and fog.

6) Free of Allergens:

It is a common concern among people who use supplements that most products are not clear about the allergens added in their products.

Real Mushroom has given complete details about the ingredients they use in their product’s formula. It is free of basic allergens such as dairy, nuts, and fillers plus the product is vegetarian-friendly. 


1) Addition of Starch:

Real Mushroom’s claim that their product has no grain fillers such that starch is not entirely true. Their product formula shows that 5% of starch is included in the product.

This inclusion of starch in the product doesn’t impact the product’s efficiency but it does go against the claims of the manufacturer.

2) Single – Extraction:

People who are fans of dual extraction or other elaborate extraction processes will find the single extraction of this product inefficient.

Real Mushroom has used hot water to extract the goodness of Lion’s Mane. It is a simple yet efficient process but isn’t much popular.

3) Powdered Extracts:

Those who are looking for tradition looking nootropics in veggie capsules and softgels will find this extract unconventional to what they are normally used to.

4) Pricing:

Compared to its benefits, the product has a reasonable price but for some it is expensive.


Checking the related certification of a nootropic is a standard method employed by many supplement users to know its credibility. Certifications add weight to a manufacturer’s claim and prove their validity.

Lion’s Mane mushroom extract has a certification for being a 100% organic product that is kosher, non-GMO and gluten-free.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The fact that Real Mushroom offers satisfaction guarantee proves how confident they are about the efficiency of their product. If by a wild chance you don’t find this product useful, you can simply return it and the provider will not ask you anything and will refund your money.

Recommended Dosage & Usage:

Before using any nootropic, it is advised that you consult with your doctor but with Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract, no such precaution is necessary. If you don’t have any allergies and health complications, then adding this to your diet shouldn’t be a problem for you.

You can take this extract with any beverage throughout your day at any feasible time. Most people take this extract twice per day. The product weighs around 60g and is expected to last for a month or so.

Reviews & Ratings

Amazon review page of this product is filled with praises from the customers. Almost all users of this product found this extract benefitting not only for their mental but physical health as well. That is why it has a perfect rating of almost 5 stars on Amazon.


If you are looking for a nootropic that is not only 100% organic and natural but is easy to incorporate in your daily routine and duet the no look further, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract Powder is just that nootropic for you!

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