NatureBell is widely known for its natural, organic and quality products made in a certified facility using state of the art technology. One such product is Organic Bacopa Monnieri.

The recent buzz around the said product has garnered much attention of the nootropic enthusiasts. Almost everyone who actively looks for better and enhanced nootropics has heard about Organic Bacopa Monnieri.


The only disclosed component of this product’s formula is Bacopa Monnieri itself. There is not much to discuss its formula except the star ingredient itself. 

Bacopa Monneiri

The dominant ingredient in the formula of NatureBell’s Organic Bacopa Monnieri is Bacopa Monnieri itself. It is added both as an extract and as a powder in this supplement.

The quantity of the Bacopa Monneiri extract and powder is equal that 375mg per bottle. Bacopa is part of several nootropics because of its positive effects on the human brain.

It gets rid of not only your stress and anxiety but also treats the symptoms of depression. Conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and attention deficit hyperactivity disease (ADHD) affect your memory and retention skills greatly.

That is why Bacopa Monneiri’s medicinal properties related to the brain are the most praiseworthy. It improves your brain’s cognitive functioning exponentially.

The Good

1) Enhanced Physical Strength

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate nootropic for a while now, then you would have heard of people recommending you to exercise. Little do they know is that exercising also needs strength along with endurance.

Organic Bacopa Monnieri has shown positive effects on your physical strength as it increases your endurance level and helps you feel motivated.

2) Improves Mood

Bacopa Monnieri lifts your spirits as well as your overall mood by treating your mental illnesses progressively. When you’re not stressed, anxious and irritated, your mood automatically brightens and you have much more to look forward to every day. 

By including this supplement in your diet, you are ensuring that you stay positive and motivated through your day.

3) Increases Cognitive Functionality

NatureBell claims to have ingredients apart from Bacopa Monnieri that improves the cognitive function of your brain efficiently. It rids your brain of fatigue and fog and sharpens your focus. 

4) Ensures Better Sleep Quality

Bacopa Monnieri affects the part of the brain that deals with sleep and relaxes the activity happening thereby reducing neurotransmitters sent its way. 

Once you add Bacopa in your diet, your sleep quality will improve, and you’ll be able to enjoy a deep sleep without tossing and turning at night.

5) Allergen Free

NatureBell is been utterly cautious about the ingredients used in its formula and that’s why they’ve made sure not to add anything harmful in their supplement.

They’ve also gotten rid of some of the most common allergens so that more products can benefit from this nootropic. These allergens are soy, nuts, dairy, and gluten.

The Bad

Incomplete Formula Information

The fact that only one ingredient is used in this product doesn’t sit well with people and raises concerns relating to its credibility.

Unknown Purity

The refined Bacopa Monnieri used in this product is also a cause for concern for the users as it goes against the claim of it being organic and natural.


NatureBell is primarily concerned about the satisfaction of their customers and that’s why they have included a 1-Year Guarantee with their product. If by a wild chance, you don’t like this product then you can return it anytime throughout the period of one year. NatureBell won’t question you and ask for your reasons, they will simply refund your money.

This attribute of Nature Bell ensures their credibility and the validity of their claims. Why would a manufacturer offer a refund on an empty bottle if they are after your money only?


Certifications of any product validate a manufacturer’s claim and increase customers’ satisfaction rate. It is not only certified to be soy, dairy, gluten, and nuts free but it is also certified to be a non-GMO product.

Furthermore, it is manufactured in a professional and clinically tested laboratory that attests to its product being state of the art. It is also tested by a third party for any impurities and came out with negative results.

Recommended Dosage & Usage

Before we prescribe you a dosage recommended by the manufacturer, NatureBell, it is essential that we advise you on consulting your doctor first.

No matter how safe a supplement or nootropic is, you can not simply add it in your diet daily.

Constant use of a supplement or medicine can impact your brain and body functions negatively. Be vigilant and cautious about what you eat.

Your doctor will know about your medical history and will be better tell you about any supplementary addition to your diet.

Once you are done with this step and your doctor gave you a green light then you can either go for the NatureBell’s recommended dosage or stick to your doctor’s.

According to NatureBell, one capsule per dosage twice a day will be enough to provide you with optimal results. There are 120 veggie capsules in one bottle of Organic Bacopa Monnieri which means one bottle will last for at least two months.

Reviews & Ratings

Around 57 people have reviewed and rated this product on its Amazon page and most of them have a 4- and a 5-star rating. The aggregate rating attributes to almost 4.5 stars which are quite impressive. 

Customers have plenty to say about the efficiency of the product and almost all of them favored the product over others.

In Conclusion

Apart from certain information being missing, Organic Bacopa Monnieri has everything one would want in a nootropic. It stretches your brain’s cognitive function and improves your daily performance.  Its positive impact on your mental health always keeps you in good spirits.

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