Why go for cheap, tasteless, inefficient pills and brain boosters when you can do better with Mental Mojo’s Nootropic Brain Supplement.

This particular nootropic is the first one that was designed by neuro-chemist and is patent-pending. With this nootropic, you’ll be able to improve your brain’s efficiency without gaining any weight.

It is important to mention that this nootropic is famous for its particular formula as experts themselves have created it.


Though Mental Mojo’s Nootropic Brain Supplement has a pleasant taste but it is more than just a flavoured powder. There are several enzyme and complex chemical compounds that make the increased efficiency of your brain possible.

These components are discussed below:

Huperzine A:

It is famous to be used in medicine to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. This is possible as it stops a particular enzyme to break down acetylcholine.

For those who don’t know, acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is present everywhere in your brain and acts like a fuel.


It is a kind of amino acids that help make several other substances for the brain such as dopamine and norepinephrine.

Though responsible for regulating the sense of reward and pleasure in brain, it is also associated with improving memory and motor skills of brain.


Synthetically derived from alkaloid vincamine, this particular component helps to reduce the risks of blood clotting in brain.

By using vinpocetine, you are increasing the flow of blood in your brain which not only inhibits any clot formation but also helps to distribute the components of Mental Mojo in your body at a rapid pace.

Alpha GPC:

This compound is also found naturally in the brain but by adding this in their product, Mental Mojo assured that your brain’s attention and retention is improved greatly.

Acetyle- L – Carnitine:

This particular component enhances your body and brain’s energy by getting rid off the toxic fatty acids found in the mitochondria.


With the help of this compound, which is also found in the outer membrane of cells, Manual Mojo was able to increase the attention, retention and memory of a human brain.

This is possible as phosphatidylserine works with acetylcholine that was previously introduced as the fuel of the brain.

What it offers?

This Nootropic offers more than it advises. It is not efficient for brain but also works as a body energizer.

Following are the few things Mental Mojo promises to offer:

  • Improved Cognitive Skills:

The components used in the making of this nootropics are phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, etc.

These comments along with several others help to improve your brain’s cognitive skills and memory among other things.

  • Prevention from Brain Damage:

Components like Huperzine A and others prevent diseases like Alzheimer’s and brain clot. Though it is hard to eliminate the chances of such disease arising, they can be delayed or the damage can be lessened  using this nootropic.

  • Pleasant Flavour:

Nootropic Drinks Review has awarded this nootropic’s taste as the best one among other nootropics in the market.


  • The product is completely suitable for people on a vegan diet.
  • No side effects are observed so far.
  • The flavour makes it easy to incorporate this drink in your daily diet.
  • You won’t gain an ounce of weight because of this Nootropic because it has no sugar and other weight gaining ingredients.


  • People accustomed to using Nootropic pills might not like this product as it is only available in the powdered form
  • Its pleasant flavour is because of artificial additives.
  • Some people might find its price out of their budget.

Daily Dosage & Usage:

There are 10 packets of Mental Mojo’s Neurochemist designed Nootropic Brain Booster in a box. One sachet mixed in 12 Oz of water is recommended for daily use.

Even though Mental Mojo has made recommendations about the daily dosage of this brain booster, it will be wise to consult with your doctor before going further with this supplement.

Almost everyone has different body needs and requirements and keeping those on mind is important before using any supplement and drug.


This product is made in a NSF/cGMP certified facility in Arizona where its components were made in a perfectly safe environment.

Ratings & Reviews:

Judging by the customers’ review, there are not many complaints against this product online. Users have rated it higher on Amazon and other sites proving its popularity and efficiency.

What does Patent-pending mean?

Since this particular product is the first of its kind that is designed by a neuro-chemist that is why Mental Mojo decided to protect its product by applying for a trade mark.

Patent-pending means that they have applied for trade mark and copyrights and if someone else introduces a similar product then they will have law on their side.


There is a reason why people are wary of nootropics as markets are filled with fake and inefficient drugs that can harm your body in more ways than you can imagine.

That is why, it is essential that one must do his research before buying anything. Mental Mojo’s Brain Supplement is clinically tested and approved. There are no doubts about the product’s efficiency!

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