Mushrooms are a staple component of many medicines and supplements’ formulae but not many have tried to use their potential to the fullest. The Genius Brand has come forth with Genius Mushroom in which they have utilized the full potential of three different kinds of mushrooms.

Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and Reishi are three different mushroom kinds with different medicinal properties. Each of these impacts the human body differently. 

Cordyceps affects your physical performance due to its oxidizing properties and Lion’s Mane stretches the functionality of the human brain to the max. Reishi also improves your bodily functions such as the immune system as well as mental health.

Due to these endless benefits, The Genius Brand has put together a formula that is not only unique but also efficient. A more in-depth discussion about the ingredients of Genius Mushroom is as follows:


Lion’s Mane:

Lion’s Mane is the type of mushroom that can affect your brain’s cognitive functioning on a wide spectrum. It is used to treat dementia, anxiety, stress-induced diseases, and depression.

In nature, it is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory component that boosts the human immune system’s ability exponentially. 

Aside from its effects on a human brain, it also has benefits relating to your heart’s performance, sleep quality and digestion.


Cordyceps’ ability to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) allows it to affect your performance while exercising positively. Its antioxidant properties also make a popular supplement among the elderly as it raises energy levels and reduces fatigue. 
In addition to the benefits mentioned above, cordyceps also slows down the progression of brain tumours and enhances your heart’s performance.


Reishi has been used in traditional herbs and medicines to improve quality of life. It fights off potential dangers by improving your immune system. Furthermore, it can improve your heart’s condition by enhancing your overall health.

The benefit that is closely related to the human brain is its ability to reduce brain fatigue and fog. It also lifts the spirits of people suffering from depression.


1) Enhanced Cognitive Functionality:

As stated earlier, Cordyceps has an impact on your mental capacity especially its cognitive functionality. It improves your focus, maintains concentration at high levels and clears your brain’s fog.

Due to this, your thoughts will not wander off while studying or doing anything brain related. Moreover, you will not feel tired after doing minimum brain work.

2) Boosts Energy Levels:

Cordyceps also impacts your energy levels and exercise performance. Since it is related to the synthesis of ATP, it can keep your body and brain attentive without the use of caffeine.

Athletes can find this dietary benefit useful in their training. They’ll have higher endurance and increase oxygen utilization because of Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane used as key components in its formula.

3) Improves Immune System:

Reishi has a bonafide impact on the human immune system as it is backed by not only traditional tales but also by science. By using Reishi in your diet, you are less likely to fall ill and succumb to seasonal changes.

4) Detox Properties:

Lion’s Mane has shown positive effects on the human digestive system. In addition to this, Reishi cleanses the human liver from harmful substances. 

Such detox properties improve the overall health of your body and brain and boost their performance to the max. 

5) Relieves Stress & Anxiety:

The different kind of mushrooms used in the formula improves your mental health one way or another. It helps to relieve your stress and anxiety as well as depression and the related mental diseases.


1) Possible Allergens:

People with mushroom and the related allergies cannot use this supplement as it uses real and natural mushrooms to make this supplement

2) Dosage:

The recommended dosage for this product might be troubling for some people. People who treat their nootropics as drugs won’t feel comfortable with more than one dosage per day.

3) Mycelium:

Mycelium is a less pure form of mushroom and many people have objected to its use in products claiming to be natural and organic. The component is said to have lesser medicinal benefits than its other sibling mushrooms.


It is better to check a product for certifications before opting to buy it. Certifications give you an idea about the production quality of any supplement.

Genius Mushroom has a cGMP certification which means that it is made in a facility that is tested for its hygiene.

Every component in its formula is tested for heavy metal traces by a third party for purity as well as the whole product after its production.  It also has a non-GMO certification for customer satisfaction.

Recommended Dosage & Usage

Genius Mushroom is a nootropic that can hardly be categorized as a drug because the ingredients it uses are natural with no heavy metal impurities.

It has 90 capsules that are purely made from vegetative components and you can’t have any allergic reactions if you use it. That would be only true if you are not allergic to mushrooms.

Most customers say that they take 3 capsules of this supplement per day for optimal performance. You can take it either with water or your daily meals.

One bottle of Genius Mushroom is expected to last for one to two months depending on your daily dosage.

Reviews & Ratings

Genius Mushroom has an almost perfect rating on sites like Amazon and the likes. It means the product is a customer favorite and has no prominent drawbacks. It has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon and other similar online selling websites.


Anyone who is a fan of mushrooms and their medicinal benefits can use this nootropic to maximize their mental capacity and physical potential.

It improves your brain’s cognitive skills by positively impacting your learning and memory skills. The enhanced retention skills help you focus while working or studying.

Since your brain is free of fatigue and fog then you won’t have a hard time focusing on the task at hand. You will be relaxed but not sleepy but when you do sleep, it will be quality sleep.

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