Are you preparing for you college entrance exam or any other important exam? Do you want to improve your memory as well as cognitive skills? If yes, then nootropics also known as the brain boosters should be a part of your diet.

Nootropics are a kind of supplement meant for your brain. It improves your brain’s performance in all aspects and helps you memorize, learn, and perform better than you ever did before.

These nootropics are scientific formulas that have been designed in laboratories after trial and error. The ingredients used in these nootropics effects your brain’s abilities one way or another.

Introducing Arazo Nutrition Premium Brain Function Supplement:

Arazo Nutrition prides itself in creating an extensive formula with several ingredients that is hard to replicate. All its ingredients are used to improve your brain’s function and better your lifestyle.

It is important to mention that Arazo Nutrition was formerly known as BioScience Nutrition. Only the name of the brand has changed, all the products under it are still the same.


There are around forty one components used to create this impressive product. All these ingredients are carefully incorporated into the formula of this nootropic and together they help boost your brain performance.


This vitamin is beneficial for your body as it is essential to make acetylcholine, neurotransmitter. A neurotransmitter can be considered as a fuel in your nervous system.

This functionality of choline enables it to improve the cognitive system of your brain.


This organic compound has the same function as the choline as it also increases the production of acetylcholine.


This amino acid is essential for the production of proteins as it assists in several body functions. But in this nootropic, it is highlighted for reducing your stress and increasing your alertness.

Phosphatidylserine 20%:

This particular component is used to treat several mental illnesses and diseases. It helps to enhance your memory and learning abilities.

Several medicines for age related diseases like ADHD and Alzheimer’s have this ingredient in their formulae. Furthermore, your depression and stress can be treated with this nootropic.

N-Acetyle -L-Tyrosine:

This component increases the production of dopamine and norepinephrine. The former is related to the concept of pleasure and pain in your brain.

By doing this, it is able to affect your mood positively. Your improved mood and positive attitude can really help you cope.


This carbocyclic sugar is naturally found in your brain and is proven to enhance several body functions. Furthermore, it treats several mental illnesses like depression, insomnia, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and ADHD.

Grape Seed Extract:

Mental strain is among the many reasons that effect your performance as an individual in a work environment or anywhere else.

The extracts from grape seeds are high on antioxidant content and thus help to elevate your mood by reducing mental strain.

Huperzine – A:

Not only this component enhances your learning capabilities but it also improves your memory. Moreover, it is used to treat several age related brain diseases like Alzheimer’s too.

Vanadyl Sulfate:

This inorganic compound is used for several purposes that improve the users’ health. Athletes can identify this compound as they use it in supplements to improve their physical health.

Bacopa Monnieri Leaf:

This particular plant is incorporated into Indian traditional food and medicines. It helps with ADHD and Alzheimer’s by improving your memory and cognitive skills. Moreover, it helps to treat anxiety and reduces stress.

Licorice Root Extract:

Tired of feeling down always? By adding this extract in their product Arazo Nutrition has guaranteed to elevate your body’s spirits. You will feel energized and ready to finish your day’s work.

Bilberry Fruit Extract:

This extract is famous to reduce strain on your eyes and help improve your sight. Moreover, by increasing the blood flow in your vessels, it distributes energy packets more rapidly in your body and keeps you energized.

Olive Leaf:

Though olive has been long used in traditional remedies, recent researches have proved that it is very beneficial for your body. Its antioxidant properties have several health benefits and improve your mental capacity.

Aside from the above mentioned ingredients, there are several other ingredients that are part of Aroza Nutrition’s Brain Function Supplement’s formula. Each of these ingredients is responsible for boosting your brain’s capabilities and enhancing your cognitive skills.

For further details about the ingredients, refer to the back of the bottle or the packing.


  • The increased blood circulation to your brain will allow you to memorize stuff efficiently.
  • It reduces your mental stress and treats several mental illnesses.
  • By getting all these mental diseases treated, it improves your mood and turns you into a happy person.
  • You can focus on your work without getting distracted with the millennial things.


  • Though Arazo Nutrition claims to have no caffeine in their product, the addition of green tea makes people wary of the claim.
  • Some might feel a slight headache due to the continuous use of this product.

Reviews & Ratings:

Arazo Nutrition Premium Brain Function Supplement has a rating of around 4 out of 5 on Amazon and other websites. Most people have had no complaints regarding this product.

They found this product efficient and useful whereas few complained about suffering from headaches because of this nootropic.


Humans ae always trying to improve their lifestyle and for that they employ different methods and practices. Nootropics are one of these methods to enhance the quality of their life.

If you’ve never heard of nootropics, you’ll feel wary of a drug that can stretch the limits of human mind. It’s how they show the effects of nootropics in movies.

But that is a misconception; nootropics boosts your mind’s abilities by using ingredients that are already part of human biology. It doesn’t show up on a drug test and is completely safe.

Arazo Nutrition Premium Brain Function Supplement is one of such nootropics that has above 41 ingredients included in its unique formula. It has few side effects and is efficient in doing its work.

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