Nootropics are a great way to boost your brain’s performance and enhance your learning skills. There are multiple factors that are responsible for your brain’s increased efficiency and one of them is choline.

Choline is related to vitamin B complex but is not a vitamin nor a mineral. Simply put, it is an organic compound that is soluble in water and if not taken in recommended quantities will affect your health. It is essential for the human body as it affects its functionality on so many levels.

Not many people know about the problems they face because of choline deficiency. It hinders not only your brain development but also your growth and your heart’s performance.

Almost every American suffers from choline deficiency. Choline deficiency causes the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, not being released in the required quantity in the body. That is why a nootropic that makes up for your body’s choline deficiency is one way to make up for lost choline. Alpha GPC choline supplement is ideal for it.

We have discussed the formula of this product below along with its pros and cons to help the readers understand the product in detail.


The product’s main focus is to supply your body with choline in abundance which will eventually settle your body’s other health problems caused by its deficiency. Here are some of the other ingredients used in its formula:

Alpha GPC:

Alpha-glycerophosphocholine is derived from soy and is added in this product’s formula generously. Its health benefits are numerous, yet the most important benefit is its ability to impact the human brain’s cognitive functioning. 

Furthermore, it is a vital component to help you make up for your choline deficiency.


Gelatine is derived from animal collagen and is mostly regarded as an unhealthy food but that’s a misconception. Gelatine can contribute to improving your health in different ways.

It not only affects your skin and digestive system positively but it also enhances your sleep quality. If you take it in carefully administered quantity, then you will see yourself sleep longer and soundless. 


Cellulose comes from plants and is safe to use in your diet. Although cellulose is part of most brain supplements, it doesn’t really have any impact on your brain. 

It is basically a vitamin that is used in supplements to bind all the ingredients together and make them work efficiently and in collaboration with each other.

Silicon Dioxide:

Yet again, this particular ingredient doesn’t have a direct role in the efficiency of the product. It is used as an additive so that the powdered ingredients inside the capsules don’t stick to each other and turn into small clumps.

Most expired products will have tablets that will reveal hard powdered tablets upon opening the exterior, that is because of the expiration of silicon dioxide in your nootropic.


1) Increased Energy Level:

Research has shown that a deficiency of choline in the human body results in decreased energy levels. Your body fails to get the required quota of acetylcholine which slows down the process of stimuli, reception and action.

By increasing the levels of choline, you are also increasing the levels of acetylcholine in your bloodstream, which means more fuel for your body.

2) Enhanced Cognitive Function:

Once your choline deficiency is met with apt choline supply, the transmission of signals in your brain is increased. This ultimately improves your brain’s cognitive functioning.

3) Improved Memory:

The increased levels of acetylcholine also impact your cerebellum and amygdala. Both brain parts are related to memory and retention.

You are able to learn procedures as well as understand conceptual lessons more efficiently than you ever did before.

4) Better Focus & Motivation:

Increased choline levels automatically mean your brain activity will be on high alert and it will be exercising its optimal performance.

Prefrontal and parietal cortex will be affected by the increased levels of acetylcholine in your blood because it is the mode of transmission for neurotransmitters.

5) Allergen Free:

Alpha GPC choline supplement’s formula doesn’t include Gluten and it is non-GMO certified too.


1) Potential Allergen:

Alpha GPC choline supplement is not entirely free of all types of allergens. The main component of the formula is derived from soy which is one of the most common allergens worldwide.

People suffering from soy allergies cannot use this product.

2) Titanium Dioxide:

Titanium dioxide is most commonly used to make white tablet shells. The ingredients were considered harmless but recent research has shown that it is carcinogenic.

Most manufacturers have moved on to use less harming components to make tablet shells, such as vegan or transparent shells. But the manufacturer of Alpha GPC choline supplement is still using titanium dioxide in its products when several alternatives are available.


The manufacturer of Alpha GPC choline supplement provides their customer with a limited money-back guarantee. If you find that the product isn’t working in your favour, then you can simply ask for a refund.

Judging by the reviews, the manufacturer is compliant with customers and you will get your refund immediately.

Daily Dosage & Usage:

The manufacturer of this product recommends taking one capsule a day for optimal results. Moreover, one bottle of alpha GPC choline supplement has 60 capsules, so you can use one bottle of this supplement for 60 days.

Most users have advised to use the dosage of one capsule in small quantities and to never use it in the morning as it causes headaches if taken early in the morning.

Reviews & Ratings:

The product has a 4.5 rating out of 5 on Amazon which means it is quite popular amongst customers, but there are customers who did not find it compatible with their body.

Many complained about headaches, fatigue, and loss in concentration after using this supplement.


This supplement is ideal to make up for your lost choline content but not everyone can use it. People with allergies need to be extra cautious of this product.

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