When it comes to nootropics, there are some things you need to do and some things that you need to avoid. Both of them may make the difference between cognitive improvement and cognitive impairment, which is why you need to be careful about what and how you’re taking it. Here are the DOs of taking nootropics:

  • DO make sure that you are always productive or have an activity when you take nootropics, regardless if the activity includes reading, studying or simply working (out).
  • DO use nootropics that have been studied more. While the other experimental drugs may be useful, those that are backed up by research have a better chance of being efficient, with fewer side effects.
  • DO test every nootropic you take for allergies. If you notice any strange allergic reactions upon a smaller dose, stop taking the drug.
  • DO lower the dose if you feel that the effect is too strong or that it inconveniences your daily activities more than it’s being helpful.
  • DO read about the ingredients that you are using so that the effects won’t interfere with each other.
  • DO research the correct dosage each time you decide to take on a nootropic treatment. If you are not certain about the information, you may want to discuss things with a doctor or an expert in the field.
  • DO focus on nootropics that show a high nutritional value. Those are usually the ones that provide positive effects on the long term rather than simply in the near future.

And just as there are DOs, there are also a bunch of DON’Ts that you need to consider when taking nootropics. Consider this your final lesson.

  • DON’T take nootropics for more than five days at a time. It is recommended that for longer periods of treatment, you add a few days of break between dosages.
  • DON’T use nootropics if you notice any side effects. The reason why they are called ‘nootropics’ is that they supposedly have no side effects.
  • DON’T expect a high when you dose yourself with nootropics. The aim is to improve your cognitive function, not to alter it.
  • DON’T use chemical-filled substances. When possible, opt for the toxin-free products. Those are the ones that will keep your body from becoming fatigued.
  • DON’T re-dose simply because you did not feel the effect. It takes time.
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