Asprey is a well known “bio hacker” and has his own line of products, with the most famous being his Bulletproof Coffee. But before we get into that let’s talk about how he got there: the man managed to lose 100 pounds without doing excessive exercising or counting calories, used various techniques to lift his IQ up 20 points, but also lowered his own biological age by learning to sleep less but more efficiently. If that doesn’t seem like the mark of genius to you, I don’t know what does. Even so, learning to do all these things that seem utterly impossible to us actually made him a better entrepreneur, a better father, and a better husband. Dave is not only the creator of Bulletproof Coffee but is also the host of the number 1 health podcast called Bulletproof Radio and the author of the bestseller The Bulletproof Diet. The idea of the Bulletproof industry is to improve your own biochemistry, your mind, and your body so that they can work perfectly in unison. Once you found the right balance, you could perform far better than you would have believed yourself capable, as well as handle decisions and stress in a much better manner. Dave created Bulletproof simply so that you can make these breakthroughs, giving your body the energy that it deserves. Just look at him: a former 300 pound tired, young adult is now a healthy, good looking man. It’s either sorcery or he really knows how to work his brain and body.

  • The History Behind the Bulletproof Coffee

There’s a pretty interesting history which Dave Asprey himself told us regarding the Bulletproof Coffee. It was when he found himself hiking at 18,000 feet up Mt. Kailash in Tibet that he discovered the rejuvenating power of butter in the yak tea. The weather was below freezing points, and the extreme elevation wouldn’t have made him feel any better. Were he under normal circumstances, he would have felt horrible – but after drinking a cup of creamy yak tea, he felt that his body was suddenly coming back to life. The feeling he got was so brilliant and incredible that he wanted to know the reason for this long lasting effect. And then it hit him: it was pretty much like the combined effect when you digest caffeine with high-quality fats.

Dave honed this “butter-in-hot-drinks” technique, creating different variations until he got to the recipe for Bulletproof. The fact that he could not find any low-toxin coffee beans made him produce his own coffee to ensure the effect. Plus, the toxins that are generally found in cheap coffee will make you feel less sharp and with an overall feeling of weakness. Instead, coffee that is clean of toxins will be healthy, giving you the antioxidants necessary for a healthy physique.

A lot of people claim that Dave’s Bulletproof Coffee is the creamiest, decidedly the most satisfying cup of heaven that they’ve ever drunk – with the consistency of a latte. The legend is that it will keep you up for hours and will take away the hunger (due to the fat in the butter). I can attest to that; this coffee has a unique taste of its own that will definitely give you a boost of energy. If you are a coffee lover, you should definitely try it.

  • Creating Your Own Bulletproof Coffee

Yeah, I know, “Bulletproof is amazing” and all that; but how do we make this cup of delicious sweetness? Sure, we can go to the coffee shop – experts will know how to make it for us. But at the same time, we could learn how to make it ourselves.

Indeed, one of the main ingredients is difficult to come by – since it has to be free of the toxins from the manufacturing process. Whether we like it or not, all commercial coffees will have a certain toxicity level which can be responsible for most of our “jitters” and other side effects. In order to create your equivalent for the bulletproof coffee, you need to find a high-quality coffee which will mix well with the rest of the ingredients. Without any further words, here is the simplest way for you to make a coffee that will literally upgrade your brain.

  • 1 or 2 tablespoons (at least) of unsalted grass-fed butter
  • 1 or 2 tablespoons of XCT Oil or Brain Octane (these have no flavor, and they are 6x and 18x stronger than coconut oil is)
  • 1 or 2 cups of coffee brewed out of low-toxin coffee (such as the Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee), filtered (preferably with a metal filter such as a French press.

Once you have these ingredients, the rest of it is down to how you mix the ingredients – and how you drink it the beverage.

  • The 5 Steps to Making Your Coffee Bulletproof

Dave had a technique in mind when he created the Bulletproof Coffee, paying attention even to the last detail when it came to making it both useful and tasty. So here’s how you should go around Bulletproof.

  • Make the Coffee: Brew the Bulletproof coffee beans like you would be doing with any other coffee. However, it is recommended that for best results, you use a metal filter, to take out as many toxins as possible.
  • Pre-heat the Blender: Boil some water and put it in your blender to heat it while your coffee is brewing.
  • Froth: Throw out the water and pour in the freshly brewed coffee, to which you add the butter and the oil (the rest of the ingredients). You need to blend until there is a thick foam layer at the top, making it look like a latte. A spoon won’t work – you will need a strong blender to mix it all.
  • Optional Additions: You can add vanilla, cinnamon, dark chocolate or any kind of sweetener such as Stevia (although it is recommended that you keep it as natural as possible, for the best effects).
  • Enjoy: One of the key steps of preparing your Bulletproof Coffee is putting on a satisfied look on your face and enjoy the buzz. This is Dave’s best advice.

You are now sitting with the Bulletproof in your hands, looking at the tired-looking chubby coworkers eating twigs and low-fat yogurt to get some energy. It almost seems unfair, doesn’t it? Oh, and here’s the catch: your productivity will also increase now that you’re bulletproofed!

  • Hacks, Tips, and Key Points

When Bulletproof came out, Dave Asprey wanted to make us as knowledgeable regarding the product as possible. Seeing that he’s from the high Silicon Valley, of course, he’d run the extra mile to keep us informed. So here are some tips and points that Dave himself made for us:

  • No coffee on the market is made equally. The wrong cup of coffee will sap away your energy, leaving you irritable and lethargic and also causing sugar cravings. These are just a few of the reasons why people believe they have an intolerance to coffee. But truth be said, it’s not the coffee they’re intolerant to; it’s the toxins found within that coffee.
  • The butter is recommended to be a grass-fed one, such as Kerrygold. The butter from animals that have been fed grains will have a different composition when it comes to fat, and it won’t blend as well. Plus, the taste will not be as good, and it will also lack soluble vitamins (this is why you’ll feel your energy sapping away).
  • The XCT or the Brain Octane Oil will promote fat loss, offer high energy doses and improve brain function. Not only will it help you get thinner, but it will also make you feel better. It makes the coffee feel creamier and smoother in your mouth (although with only the butter is just as good).
  • If you are on a diet that is based on low-fat concentrations (this mostly applies to vegans or people having low fat/calorie diets), simply use less butter to let your body adapt. If you feel you need some extra digestive support, you can take some betaine HCL or digestive supplements that focus on enzymes.
  • Do not use low-fat butter substitutes. Not only will it make Bulletproof less efficient, but it will also ruin the entire taste of the coffee. If you don’t want to drink some disgusting, weird coffee, use real butter to make your morning dose.
  • Classic butter is much better to use compared to the raw, grass-fed, unhomogenized organic cream. The casein present in cream and milk will bind to the antioxidants in coffee, thus making them unavailable. Butter has a much lower casein level, while ghee has none at all. Plus, raw cream won’t be raw anymore once you add it to hot coffee.
  • If you cannot drink the coffee without a sweetener, the suggestion is that you use stevia, erythritol or xylitol. 

If you don’t feel like brewing the cup yourself, you can find the main Bulletproof Coffee shop in Santa Monica, “Silicon Valley,” with more shops opening up soon in different locations. I believe that it’s worth checking out the stacks that Dave created while enjoying a good dose of liquid mental energy.

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