If you are considering a nootropic treatment, you should think about adding choline to each and every one of your stacks. It acts as a potentiator, and thus, it improves the cognitive enhancing effect of the other nootropic. Take, for instance, the racetams. If you leave them by themselves, all they can do is stimulate the receptor site which produces the crucial acetylcholine neurotransmitter. The reason why choline is very useful in this circumstance is that it enhances the said production – mainly because it is acetylcholine’s precursor. The more choline you have in your system, the more you will be able to produce acetylcholine. And the more acetylcholine you produce, the more it will improve your focus, memory, learning ability, concentration and general cognitive abilities of your brain. Neat, right?

Here’s a list of the most commonly used choline nootropics. Based on what they each do, you can decide for yourself which one is the most suitable for your brain.

Alpha GPC

This one is a concentrated supplement based on choline,and it is safe, fast-acting and effective. It works very well and is highly bioavailable once taken orally, and it can cross over the blood-brain barrier reliably and rapidly. As a result, it can deliver the choline directly to the brain, without further processes, so that is can be converted into acetylcholine. The Alpha GPC is structurally made out of choline, phosphate and glycerol, metabolizing into a combo of glycerophosphate and choline upon absorption.

There’s a reason why Alpha GPC is one of nootropic users’ most favorite choice. Yes, it is mainly because it can be fast and reliable in combination with the much-used racetams, but at the same time, it also has various other benefits. It has proven to be a very efficient mood booster and mental energy enhancer, without actually interfering with your sleeping quality. It is also believed to offer anti-aging benefits and improve recovery time after exerting yourself both physically and psychically.

A typical dose of Alpha GPG would go somewhere at 300-600 mg, but some clinical trials used up to 1200 mg per day (in doses of 400 mg throughout the day) to reduce the symptoms of dementia. Doing exercises before taking the dose has also shown to enhance the growth hormone release and power output.

Regarding its toxicity, Alpha GPC seems to be remarkably non-toxic. Very few people – an average of 2.4% – reported minor side effects such as heartburn, nausea and insomnia. It is also said to interfere with Scopolamine, a medicine used to treat disorders such as the irritable bowel syndrome.

CDP Choline

Also known as Citicoline, this is also a very powerful nootropic that can boost your energy (both physical and mental), enhance your memory and protect your brain against premature aging and memory loss. It is also believed to improve your clarity of thought, and it might also be useful to treat head injuries such as neurodegenerative diseases and strokes.

Structurally speaking, citicoline is only 18.5% choline, and while it has not been categorizedas a cholinergic, it will still metabolize into cytidine and choline. The substances will disperse at a fast rate throughout the body, cross over the blood barrier, and eventually infiltrate the central nervous system. The choline will turn into acetylcholine and the cytidine will be transformed into uridine, both necessary for the neural membrane synthesis and cognition enhancement. CDP choline is also said to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, increasing overall motivation and energy.

In various studies done on adults and elderly people, Citicoline has shown a good ability to prevent cognitive decline and improve memory performance. For women aged between 40 and 60, it is believed that this treatment may better enhance your attention performance (subjects were given CDP and placebos). Studies show that citicoline may also work against drug addictions, reducing the cravings within cocaine drug addicts.

A standard dose of CDP would vary from 500 mg to 2000 mg per day, depending on what you’re taking it for. In the case of nootropic users, anamount between 250 and 1000 mg every day would be sufficient to improve the memory and wider attention spans. The higher dosages are generally used on elderly people since they are most prone to memory loss.

Citicoline has a very low toxicity level, showing good safety record within treatments. Only 3-5% of the individuals noted slight intolerances to the nootropic and complained about minor side effects. The disadvantage of Choline is that, as opposed to Alpha GPC, it has a lower amount of choline.

Huperzine A

Huperzine A is anatural inhibitor for acetylcholinesterase, as well as a sesquiterpene alkaloid compound that occurs naturally in the Chinese club moss. This nootropic is used to treat memory deficits, improve mental function, increase the learning ability and work to protect the brain against memory impairments caused by old age. Many studies showedthat Huperzine A is very useful to improve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, being even more efficient than Tacrine in the task. This product is popular among people due the fact that it has very few side effects.

The standard dose to improve the cognitive function would be 100 mg per day. While there are little to no side effects to Huperzine A, there were also rare cases in which the patients suffered from nausea, diarrhea, abnormal dreams and depression.


Donepezilis an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor that has generallybeen prescribed for treating Alzheimer’s and dementia symptoms. Many studies also show that this nootropic has the ability to enhance the cognitive functions of the brain in an otherwise healthy individual and improve mood impairments. However, there is still not enough proof that its effects are permanent or that it provides significant changes within an individual. The standard dose of donepezil would be 10 mg, and the noted (rare) side effects can be, like the Huperzine A, nausea, diarrhea, abnormal dreams, and depression.

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