Phenibut is best described as a supplement, smart drug (also known as nootropic) or substance that is powder-like and acts as a depressant for your central nervous system causing euphoric and relaxing effects.

It is commonly used to improve your focus, promote good sleep, suppress anxiety and boost your mood. 

Some users are saying that it gives alcohol-like effects, but compared to alcohol, you’ll get a lot of benefits from taking Phenibut. 

Phenibut is legal in the US, and it is considered as an uncontrolled substance. Meaning, you can buy it without a need for a prescription. You can normally purchase it online. 

We’re going to share with you everything you need to know about Phenibut, so read on.  

Benefits of Phenibut 

Phenibut is gaining popularity in the smart drug or nootropics community because of its extremely desirable effects. 

Phenibut stimulates and binds to your GABA-B brain receptors. The reason why most people say it is like alcohol is because alcohol also binds to your GABA-A brain receptors. 

However, as they are binding to different receptors (GABA-A for alcohol, GABA-B for Phenibut), they have different results. 

You’ll get these effects from Phenibut but not from alcohol: 

  • Anxiolytic or anxiety decrease 
  • Increased happiness or excitement (Euphoria) 
  • Mental state that is “zen-like” which also improves focus 
  • Enhanced thinking and motor skills (alcohol would give you the opposite effect) 

Phenibut has a lot of practical uses such as: 

  • You can use it for powering through exercises and gym workouts. 
  • You can use it to decrease your anxiety for social events or dating. 
  • You can use it to enhance your sleep quality.  
  • You can use it to improve your focus as well as your efficiency at both mental and physical work.  
  • You can use it to increase libido and have more pleasure in sexual activities.
  • You can use it to perform better on exams like high school tests, standardized tests, college exams, board exams, etc.)

One user reported that Phenibut can really help push your limits. He stated that he started taking Phenibut during his high school days and it did not just help him ace his SAT exam. It also helped him get a UCLA Master’s degree just 5 years later. 

His brother who was also taking Phenibut only took 4 years to get his Stanford Bachelor’s degree and also a Master’s degree.  

Phenibut Dosage 

Keep in mind that getting the proper dosage for phenibut is crucial. 

A single dose of Phenibut should have 750mg to 1500mg, which is the amount that is generally accepted by the public. 

The dosage varies depending on the user’s body weight. A heavier person would need a higher dose (maybe around 1000mg or more). A lighter person would need a lower dose. You can choose to increase your dose if you want a slightly better high. 

If you’re weighing about 150 lbs, start with 750mg of Phenibut, then just increase or decrease the dosage little by little until you find the right high for you. 

Once you find your right dosage, that is the amount that you will need so you can fully enjoy Phenibut’s benefits and practical uses.  

Please take note, however, that there are special cases of Phenibut applications where you have to take it in a smaller dose. If you are taking phenibut to enhance your sleep, you should only use 100mg to 300mg. 

How often you should be taking phenibut depends on your dosage. There are available online phenibut dosage calculators that you can use to check how often you should be taking your phenibut dosage. 

To use these calculators, you just need to enter the amount of your dosage, and the calculator will show you the guidelines on how often you should take phenibut. 

The calculator will compute for how many days you should wait before taking the next dose. It would also show you the maximum dosage you can take in one week. 

Bear in mind though that even if the calculator shows that you take your phenibut daily, taking a rest day from phenibut every few weeks is a good practice. 

Each day that you are not taking phenibut helps reduce your chance of developing a phenibut tolerance so taking a rest day will help you avoid it. 

If you are taking phenibut only a few times in a week, make sure to evenly spread them out. This is highly recommended for those who use phenibut in large doses.   

If you are taking phenibut two times in a week, for example, it would be ideal to take your first dose every Monday and your second dose every Friday or Thursday. 

Spreading your phenibut dosages minimizes the buildup of your tolerance to phenibut. 

If you are taking larger doses of phenibut (2000mg or more), make sure to follow this guideline. 

Always monitor the amount of your dosages. If you feel that you are starting to develop a tolerance, adjust your dose or pull back immediately. 

First-time phenibut users 

If you’re taking phenibut for the first time ever, we recommend that you take the 750mg or even a lower dose.  

It is best to start low and just gradually increase the dosage if you don’t feel any effects, rather than starting with a high dosage which may probably make you feel uncomfortable if you’ve taken too much. 

There are users who reported not feeling any effects after taking 750mg so don’t worry if that happens to you too. The solution is to just slightly increase until you find your sweet spot. 

As we’ve already mentioned, a good dosage for most users is between the range of 750mg and 1500mg.   

Phenibut Dosage Golden Rules 

In order for your phenibut use to be successful, keep these solid rules in mind. 

  • Although the exact amount varies per person, the usual phenibut dose should be within 750mg to 1500mg only. 
  • Your total dosage of Phenibut within 24 hours should not exceed 2000mg. 

If you’ve read or heard about people taking phenibut in 2000mg dose or more, we recommend that you don’t follow their footsteps. The benefits and effects to them might be true, but the side effects might also start to reveal themselves. 

One possible side effect of a high phenibut dosage is the development of phenibut tolerance. This phenibut tolerance would eventually lead to phenibut withdrawal. 

Phenibut tolerance means that your dosage will get higher and higher just for you to get any effect. 

Phenibut withdrawal includes physical and psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, tremors and dizziness. This can be severe and can last for two weeks. 

Another worse side effect of a very high phenibut dosage is an overdose which can put your life at risk.  

Always follow the proper dosage amount to reap the benefits. In moderation is always the safe way to go. 

Phenibut Effects Timeframe (Half-life)

You’ll start to feel the phenibut effects 30 minutes after taking your dose. Once it kicks in, it normally lasts for about 6 hours. 

Compared to some nootropics out there, the phenibut effects last for a fair amount of time giving you value for your money. 

Phenibut Taste 

Have you ever tried kool aid with its sour and citrus taste? Phenibut taste and powder texture is exactly like that of a kool-aid in citrus flavor. 

You can tone done phenibut’s bitter taste by mixing it with your favorite beverage or just mixing it with juice. It is a very easy and effective way of masking phenibut’s taste so you can still enjoy consuming it. 

Ways to Consume Phenibut 

You can take your phenibut either in capsule form or powder form. We are sharing here three popular methods to ingest your phenibut.  

Method 1: Phenibut Capsules 

This is obviously the easiest and most convenient way of taking phenibut. Just grab a capsule, toss it into your mouth and swallow. You can also wash it down with water if you want. 

Method 2: Stir and Drink 

This method is good for avoiding phenibut’s bitter taste.  

1. Measure out your correct phenibut dose and put it into your glass of juice, just plain water or any other liquid (milk, smoothie, etc.).

2. Stir the water or the liquid to thoroughly mix it with phenibut. (This is basically just like preparing your favorite powdered milk drink).

3. Once mixed, go ahead and drink it all.

Tip: Mix phenibut with a sweet liquid to mask out its taste. 

Method 3: Toss and Wash 

This method is the fastest if you are directly using phenibut powder. 

1. Measure out your correct phenibut dose (remember, between 750mg to 1500mg) onto a paper or even a credit card.

2. Toss the phenibut powder into your mouth’s very back part (do it carefully and don’t choke on it).

3. Take a big gulp of water so the phenibut powder will go down with it.

4. Drink some more water to wash down any remaining phenibut residue in your mouth. 

It is entirely up to you what method to use to take phenibut. What’s important is, you absorbed a proper dose of phenibut. 

Phenibut Safety 

When used properly, phenibut is 100% safe. It only becomes unsafe if you abuse its use and don’t follow the phenibut golden rules dosage. 

Remember and abide by those guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable phenibut experience. 

Warning: Never mix or take phenibut with benzodiazepines (commonly known as tranquilizers) or alcohol.  

These three substances have similar actions in your body and will potentiate each other’s effects and can lead to an overdose or even death. 

Combining any of those two may cause respiratory depression, suffocation or unconsciousness. 

If you are using one of them, avoid the other two.  

The Phenibut High (and other effects)

Increased Libido 

It is a sad state when one or both of the couples are not happy with their sex life because of low libido. 

Luckily, phenibut can give an effect that will raise your sexual pleasure and grant you a better sex life. 

Phenibut can increase your sexual drive, especially for women. Most men are naturally horny, but it still won’t hurt to amp it up so the couple can enjoy themselves in the bedroom.

Unbridled Confidence 

You won’t easily find this effect from the other nootropics in the market.  

Phenibut can help you feel more confident but not in an obnoxious way. You’ll have this feel-good and positive attitude. You won’t even realize that you are more sociable and conversational than before, but this confidence is apparent to others. 

With this confidence, your behavior and personality will be better leading to better social interactions and even success in the dating scenes. 

Relaxed Feeling and decreased anxiety and stress 

Most people use phenibut for this reason. This is the effect that is most beneficial to a lot of people.   

Using phenibut would give you the feeling of being relaxed, but it is not in a lazy and uninspired way. You’ll actually feel rather cool, collected, calm and ready to take on the day in your best self. 

You can easily achieve this very positive mindset because phenibut eliminates any anxiety and stress that you have. You don’t worry about any problems and is basically stress-free. 

Even if you are in stressful situations, you can block out anxiety and stress thus, you are able to still perform your best. 

The formula is actually very simple: Relaxation = No anxiety + No stress 

This relaxing or euphoria effect has a lot of applications or uses. 

First, as it helps you perform at your best, it’s very useful in improving your performance in tests and exams. 

We basically feel pressured to do good during exams. Phenibut removes stress and anxiety during exams and helps enhance your brain functions. 

Second, if you’re feeling restless at night that you can hardly sleep, phenibut removes those emotions. Without that feeling of restlessness, you’ll feel more relaxed and can sleep well.  

Increased Music Sensitivity 

If you are taking phenibut, music will sound as if you’re listening to it in a concert hall engineered to be acoustically high-fidelity. 

You’d feel each detail of music as your ears automatically block all the other noise. You’ll hear every single bass note, including its punchiness and the echoes and reverberations. You’ll even hear the music’s synth sound and its different harmonics. 

You can really enjoy your music with phenibut. 

Sharpened Senses 

Heightened senses is another effect of phenibut. Although there are only minor improvements in your visual and auditory senses, you’ll have enhanced motor skills and tactile sense (touch).  

Your movements are more efficient and have a dedicated execution. It would feel like your body is in sync with your mind and performing to your highest and fullest potential. 

You’ll see this even in the basic tasks such as typing. You’ll feel “more” with every key stroke that even your speed in typing will increase. 

Enhanced Brain Function 

Phenibut improves your problem-solving and reasoning skills.   

Phenibut increases the dopamine levels in your brain, which boosts your focus. You’ll be able to focus more and for longer periods. 

As we all know, tests and exams require long periods of problem-solving and reasoning. This is the reason why a lot of people take phenibut to help them perform better on their exams. 

Increased Efficiency 

If you’re taking phenibut for the first time, the very first effect that you will notice is the feeling of being very relaxed which most people describe as “zen-like”. 

You’ll have a decreased but steady heart rate, and you won’t have that “slower” feeling. You’ll feel calm but attentive. 

Unlike other substances (alcohol, for example) where you’ll feel drowsy or lazy, you’ll feel the opposite with phenibut. 

Phenibuts helps you have a clear mind so you can think more efficiently and not in an erratic or scattered way.   

The Verdict

When used properly, phenibut can basically improve your lifestyle. 

If you are taking phenibut you’ll feel: 

  • Sharp with heightened senses. 
  • Stress-free, relaxed and not anxious. 
  • More efficient because your mental state is at a higher level. 
  • Confident and socially capable in conversing with other people even romatically. 
  • Calm and stable even in stressful situations. 
  • Aroused or more horny. 

Phenibut when used for recreational purposes gives that great and unmatched high feeling. It has effects that is far more beneficial than other conventional substances such as alcohol. 

On the plus side, phenibut does not have any negative effects which you can normally experience from other substances. 

Follow Phenibut’s Golden Dosage Rule to ensure proper and safe use.   

  • Although the exact amount varies per person, the usual phenibut dosage should be within 750mg to 1500mg only. 
  • Your total dosage of Phenibut within 24 hours should not exceed 2000mg. 

Always remember to keep track of your dosage and listen to what your body is saying to avoid developing a tolerance, withdrawal or an overdose. 

Phenibut can help you power through life’s obstacles and improve your life’s quality without worrying about dependency or addiction.  

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