Cognitive enhancers have started getting more and more famous these past few years and leading the race is Modafinil, a well-known enhancer on the market. It’s like a much safer version of Amphetamines or Methylphenidate. You can still get all the same benefits but with less damage to your body. 

There are many available brands of Modafinil to choose from. Among all of them, the generic one, Modalert, is the most famous. It’s a high-quality generic drug that offers the same properties and benefits as the most expensive brands but for a much lower price. 

Keep reading to find out more about this amazing intellectual enhancer. Find out how it can benefit you, how you can get your hands on it, and how effective it is versus other famous brands. 

Here’s what you need to know about Modalert:

It’s the famous pharmaceutical, Sun Pharmaceutical, that made Modalert as a cheaper variant of Modafinil. They offer it in three different sizes a 100 milligram, a 200 milligram, and a 400 milligram. If you ever need a smaller dose than that, the 200mg tablet has a line on the middle so you can just slice it in half to create two 100 milligram. 

Doctors use Modalert as a medicine for narcolepsy and attention disorders. US Military has been using it to keep their soldiers awake and alert in lengthy missions. The drug has also been known to be an effective intellectual enhancer. 

Some people have found a use for Modalert in their daily lives. Professionals take it when they need a booster to help them conquer big days. Students take it when they need extreme focus when studying. Even gamers take it to prepare for competitions and sharpen their alertness. 

How can you get your hand on Modalert?

There are countless stores online offering Modafinil, but you have to be very careful when purchasing from them.

If this is your first time buying Modafinil online, try Afinil Express. It gives generous discounts to its customer, especially to loyal ones. Customers get a 10 percent discount in their second order and those who purchase with bitcoin get their bills slashed by 20 percent. Afinil also provides free shipping to the US, UK, and Australia. 

Many online stores offer generic variants of Modafinil such as Artvigil, Waklert, Modalert, and Modvigil. 

Should I be worried about Modalert’s legality?

If you’re in Australia, Canada, the US or anywhere in Europe(except for a selected few), then you can’t just pick up any types of modafinil from a store or even online. You’d need a doctor’s prescription. Otherwise, order from a place where it’s not restricted, like India. Many vendors online operate from there. 

How Much Will it Cost?

Generic brands will always be cheaper than all other brands. Sun Pharmaceutical’s Modalert and Provigil largely differs in prices because the former is generic. But in terms of quality, they’re really just the same. You can get the exact same benefits and effects with both Provigil and Modalert. But you can get the latter at a much lower price. 

Cephalon Inc.’s Provigil is undeniably expensive. Each tablet is estimated to cost about $51. It still thrived on the market, though, given that it’s the only drug of its kind that’s easily available with a prescription. People didn’t have any other choice. 

Thankfully, Modafinil has huge demand online, which means there are plenty of companies selling it. The cheaper generic variant of Modafinil, Modalert, can now be ordered online, even without a prescription. Its price ranges from $0.98 to $2.80, a far difference from Provigil’s price but with the same great quality.

Just like supermarkets, buying Modalert in bulk can help you save money. This rule still applies even to online stores. Ordering more Modalert in Afinil Express means getting a pretty large discount. If you buy 50 pieces of Modalert on the website, you can get them at $2.80 each. If you order 500 pieces, the costs will fall to only $.98 each. 

Afinil Express gives generous discounts to its customers. They get a 10 percent discount in their second order and those who purchase with bitcoin get their bill slashed by 20 percent. Afinil also provides free delivery to the US, UK, and Australia. 

Where Can I But it?

Research before you buy. Know where the product will come from, and if you’re standing somewhere in the world where it can be delivered to. If you happen to be in China, Russia, or even Japan, there’s no way you can ever get your hands on a Modalert. It’s prohibited in those countries. 

However, if you’re in Sweden, Australia, Finland, The US or the Uk, then go right ahead and order it online. You can find many online sellers that can assure you that they’ll get your package delivered safely. 

Possessing a Modalert is not illegal. So there are no legal actions that can be taken against you if authorities found you with it. However, security officers at customs can still confiscate your package. If that’s the case either your vendor will ship you another package or offer you a refund. But this only happens with legit, vendors who sell the best-quality modafinil so it’s very important that you choose your vendors wisely. 

Don’t worry, delivery problems rarely happen so there’s very little chance that you’ll encounter it. 

Although if you’re in Canada, you might have a hard time finding a vendor willing to deliver to your area. That’s because Canada has a reputation for being extremely critical with their mail. They often intercept Modalert packages before they reach their intended destination. 

What Does Modalert Do For Me?

Modalert is a non-stimulant alertness aid that was originally developed to treaet narcolepsy. It is now used for many things like treating ADHD, sleep disorders, as well as many off label uses. Unlike amphetamines like Adderall, Modalert works by releasing dopamine into the brain. This causes you to feel alert, focused, and awake, even if you haven’t slept much. It also has a very long half-life (~12 hours) so it keeps working all day long. This makes it a perfect drug for anyone who needs a little more push to conquer their big days.

Modalert users come from a wide range of occupations and from different age groups. Students, doctors, teachers, artists and those who work the graveyard shift can use Modalert to get tasks done.

Modalert can make you feel:

  • Energized
  • Alert
  • Enthusiastic (even with a boring and repetitive task)
  • Extremely focused and motivated

How Does Modalert Affect the Brain?

Modalert essentially blocks dopamine receptors in the brain, which causes your brain to think you are low on this chemical and makes it produce more and more. This creates a surge of dopamine which creates the effects we mentioned above.

The famous drug Cocaine works almost the exact same way but more intense. Modalert can alert you and make you more responsive but cocaine can override your senses to a different level. Although, it’s not to say that Modalert can be an alternative to Cocaine. They still affect the body differently, and the benefits that you can get from them are wildly different. 

Modalert can also be used to make changes to your body clock. The drug pumps up your body’s production of  norepinephrine, histamine, and orexin which influences when your body feels sleepy and what time it should start waking up. 

Modafinil is usually prescribed to people who have problems in their neurotransmitters. It’s prescribed to narcolepsy due to its deficiency in orexin and to attention problems due to their shortage in dopamine. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Modalert

The best amount to take is 200mg. Of course, if you’re still weary about it and would like to start small, you can just slice the tablet in half to make two 100 mg. If, for some reason, you want a larger dose, just take two tablets to make a 400mgs.

There haven’t been any reports of an overdose with those amounts but don’t take your chances. It’s best to just stick to the 200mg or whatever instruction is written on your package. 

Should I Expect Side Effects?

Even the most common medicines have a couple of side effects. Although it’s rare, some users have reported the following issues:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Upset stomach & diahreah
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Skin rashes

If you experience any of these effects, stop taking Modalert immediately and consult a doctor.

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