Modalert vs Modvigil vs Waklert vs Artvigil

First thing’s first:

  • Modalert = Modafinil from Sun Pharma
  • Modvigil = Modafinil from HAB Pharma
  • Waklert = Armodafinil from Sun Pharma
  • Artvigil = Armodafinil from HAB Pharma
  • Modafinil = 50% R-Modafinil + 50% S-Modafinil
  • Armodafinil = 100% R-Modafinil
  • S-Modafinil = short lasting
  • R-Modafinil = long lasting

Modafinil consists 50/50 of the short lasting and the long lasting part. It usually comes in a dosage of 200mg. Armodafinil only consists of the long lasting part. It usually comes in a dosage of 150mg.

This means that in the beginning (first 5 hours), Modafinil might start off slightly stronger than Armodafinil, but won’t last quite as long as Armodafinil. Armodafinil starts with a slightly weaker peak, but doesn’t drop as much over the course of the day. Because of this, some people describe Armodafinil as being “smoother”, while others prefer the (very slightly) “harsher” Modafinil.

Due to some differences between S-Modafinil and R-Modafinil (that I won’t go into here), it is possible that for some people Modafinil might work better than Armodafinil, if they respond better to the S-Modafinil part. This however is very subjective and rare at best. Another difference is that you will probably notice a difference in how your urine smells with Modafinil, but not with Armodafinil (which is completely normal, it is a result of the way S-Modafinil is being processed in the body).

Sun Pharma is one of the biggest Pharma companies in the world. It is trusted by everyone and chances are many people own medication of some Pharma producer that is nowadays owned by Sun Pharma.

HAB Pharma is a small Pharma company, but also exists for a decade now and has the usual quality certifications. HAB Pharma is very tiny compared to a giant like Sun Pharma and has way less employees, but its products are often cheaper and there haven’t been any problems with them so far.

Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma use different fillers in the production of the tablets (to press the pills, so that they are solid) which might cause different results on different people, but the active substances themselves are the same.

Subjectively speaking, many people prefer Modalert over Modvigil. Comparing Waklert to Artvigil is harder, because Artvigil is still very new to the market. The consensus so far is that Artvigil works, but there aren’t a lot of comparisons to Waklert so far. I have taken both and I expect that the general consensus will be that most people will find that both work, but that Waklert works slightly better than Artvigil.

This wall of text was brought to you by 400mg of Sun Pharma Modalert. You’re welcome.

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