If the proper name of the drug is not ticking a bell, let us steer towards what it is commonly known as. Primarily sold under the name of Modavigil, Provigil, Modalert etc., Modafinil is a synthetic wakefulness agent. If you are wondering what kind of disease it is used for, it is primarily used in the treatment of Narcolepsy. Apart from that, it also has pronounced impacts in getting rid of fatigue and even boost one’s cognition and alertness. For these cumulative reasons, it also often termed as nootropic with low to moderate stimulation rates.

The usage of nootropic has gained a substantial rise over the course of time. Modafinil is possibly the most widely used and consumed nootropic globally because of the benefits and lack of side effects. It is also often used by athletes because of its stimulatory properties and easy to pass a drug test as well. The main reason behind the same is because of the different kind of molecular formula it has in comparison to the other stimulants in the market.

The precursor of the drug, Adrafinil was first discovered by the researchers in the Lafon Laboratories back in the 1970s. This was used in the treatment of narcolepsy back then instead of the amphetamines because of the lack of side effects it administered. The hard process of breakdown of Adrafinil was what stopped its usage.

Later, Modafinil was discovered which could easily be broken down inside the body into another substance that could be easily processed and excreted out of the body. It ensures that it has more bioavailability and decreased the chances of affected or damaging the liver in the longer run.

Modafinil Effects

The benefits and even the side effects of this drug can be profoundly witnessed. If you have been on this drug, you would know and understand that the drug is primarily not just impactful on one’s overall physical being but affects their cognition as well.

In this section, we will walk ourselves through the common grounds of effects on taking Modafinil.

1Appetite Suppression

The consumption of Modafinil affects your appetite drastically. If you are someone who has been watching their weight, this drug could be a good enough tool for that. This helps in controlling those unnecessary hunger pangs and manages your temptation for food successfully. It is great for suppressing sugar cravings to a great extent.

2Stimulatory Effects

As mentioned before, the major effect of Modafinil is inducing wakefulness and inducing similar stimulatory effects in the body. The positive impact in this is the fact that these stimulatory impacts are not intense and rather quite mellow and not dangerous for the body. It can help you do activities that you wouldn’t otherwise which are definitely an added bonus.

3Enhanced Focus

This is one of the major cognitive effects seen upon the consumption of Modafinil. It helps in boosting one’s overall focus for easily doing the physical and mental tasks. The intensity of the same is dependent on the kind of dosage and your body’s metabolism.

4Enhanced Memory

Apart from focus, Modafinil is also associated with boosting one’s overall memory storage and retention as well. It is not just quite beneficial in storing and registering new memories but also helps in keeping good track of the old ones too.


As probably mentioned in the previous paragraphs, Modafinil is heavily associated with wakefulness and is one of the key drugs used in the treatment of narcolepsy. It helps you feel more fresh and awake and avoids making you feel sleepy all the time. This is the primary reason why doctors suggest avoiding the consumption of Modafinil before bed at night. The effects of Modafinil for wakefulness are not as strong as caffeine or other stimulatory drugs.

Modafinil Dosage

The standard dose of Modafinil is 200mg and comes in one pill (with a perforation down the center so it can be split in two). The minimum dosage required to see effects is reported to be around 25-50mg although this will depend on a number of factors and can vary by user. Heavy users of Modafinil report taking 400mg or more per day for extended periods, although this is not recommended and is likely to lead to negative side effects.

For those trying Modafinil for the first time, a 100mg dose is ideal. This should be enough for nearly anyone to feel effects and minimize the risk of side effects or an allergic reaction. If taken daily, you’ll likely need to increase your dosage to feel the same effects, so you should take frequent breaks from the drug. Also, you should always take Modafinil first thing in the morning if you plan to sleep that night. More on that next...

Modafinil Half-life

You may be surprised to hear that Modafinil has a whopping 12-15 hour half-life. That means it takes up to 15 hours for your body to eliminate half of whatever dose you take. This is why it is recommended you always take Modafinil in the morning and you don’t take it every day. Here is some math to better explain:

If you were to take 200mg of Modafinil at noon on a Monday, there would still be 100mg remaining in your system at midnight (best case), and still 50mg remaining at noon the following day! Not only will this wreck your sleep patterns, but if you’re dosing once per day you’re actually steadily increasing the amount of Modafinil in your bloodstream with each consecutive dose since 25% of your previous dose still remains after 24 hours.

Modafinil Side Effects

Now that we have more or less covered all the aspects of this drug, let us go through the side effects.


This is not a direct side effect but much rather an indirect one. Owing to the fact that Modafinil tends to increase your focus and motivation, it is more likely that you are going to be so immersed in those activities that drinking water will take a step back. This is why it is suggested to keep yourself hydrated if you are on Modafinil

7Smelly Urine

Mainly because Modafinil consists of sulphur, you might witness a slight change in coloration and odour in your urine. The sulphur in the drug often breaks down to impart that distinct colour and odour to the urine.


Consuming Modafinil can often induce mild headaches as well. The same is not severe or dangerous but can often end up affecting your quality of life, making it unpleasant.


There might be a slight increase in the heart rate in the patients taking Modafinil. It is mainly because of the stimulatory properties and is not that harmful what some might think it as.

10Increased Heart Rate

There might be a slight increase in the heart rate in the patients taking Modafinil. It is mainly because of the stimulatory properties and is not that harmful what some might think it as.


There might be a slight increase in the heart rate in the patients taking Modafinil. It is mainly because of the stimulatory properties and is not that harmful what some might think it as.

Is Modafinil dangerous?

Given the fact that it is a stimulant, the question that often pops up in several people’s mind is whether or not it is safe for consumption. While there are not any kind of long-term study that has been conducted to cement its safety, it has been used since the 1970s with little to no negative implications about it. That itself should judge for something, right?

Several people have consumed Modafinil in different doses throughout the year and there have been no reports of possible negative impacts that could noticeably affect one’s overall well being. Still, then, nothing can be guaranteed 100% because the course of its action depends on the metabolism and body activities of the individual as well.

That being said, the degree of dangerous impacts is directed mainly towards the children. This is the reason why it is often suggested to avoid giving the children higher doses of the drug. It is quite important to be very safe about the dosage because there is a high chance one might end up overdosing. 200mg is considered the standard dose which is pretty safe for consumption on a daily basis.

Anything more than that, on a regular basis, can inflict negative impacts on the body in the long run.

Combinations / Interactions

Now that we have more or less talked about the common grounds of dangerous implications, it is time to highlight some of the lethal combinations one need to avoid while on Modafinil.

Some of these include:


Also known as 25x – NBOMe, this is a stimulant in itself which is why the combination of this with Modafinil can end up being harmful to the overall functioning of the body. Often times, the combination of these two have been linked with excess induction of seizures, hypertension, vasoconstriction etc.


This doesn’t necessarily need a separate introduction. Alcohol is known as a popular depressant which is why combining it with a stimulant like Modafinil is a complete no. Often times, Modafinil reduces the sedative properties of the alcohol, which makes the person drink more and in turn, lose their inhibition. There can a wide range of repercussions associated with the same.


The combination of DXM with Modafinil is considered lethal as well. The combination of this two is often linked to increased heart palpitations which are related to inducing anxiety attacks as well. It is very important to abstain yourself from mixing the two because doing so can end up inflicting negative repercussions on the overall health.

Modafinil is quite a common drug in usage in today’s date. It is quite important to get the drug prescribed by the physician and then proceed with its intake based on your medical history.

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