There’s a little controversy in choosing what’s the best Kratom to use to combat opium addiction. It’s a double-edged sword and while it could help you through the withdrawal phase, it could also give you almost the exact same feeling that you used to have when you were still using opium. 

So if Kratom can behave like opium, are you still safe around it? The answer is yes, of course. Read the article until the end to understand how Kratom works on the body and why it’s absolutely safe for you. 

Find out which products work best as an opium alternative and which ones are best to use to help patients through withdrawal symptoms.

Can you get stoned with Kratom?

To better understand how the drug affects the body, you must first learn what it does when taken in different amounts. 

A Small amount of Kratom can boost your energy and improve your mood. It works almost like coffee but slightly powerful. Taking in more than small doses can cause euphoria. You’re going to feel a sudden burst of happiness and joy that might make you feel giddy. 

It doesn’t, in any way, work like marijuana. It just induces a burst of happiness and nothing more.

Taking in a large amount of Kratom can make you feel as if you’re taking in Opium. It will make you numb and sedate you. 

Although Kratom behaves differently depending on the amount taken, it still affects the brain the same way. It influences the opioid receptors in the body the same way many addictive drugs do. But unlike all of them, Kratom is not addictive.

Which strains of Kratom are good opiate alternatives?

The effects that Kratom has on you will depend on how much of it enters your body. You can either feel energized and happy or mimic the feeling that opium would have on your body. 

The white kratom strain induces feelings of happiness. The green one works as a painkiller. It would make you numb of any physical and even emotional feeling, especially when you take a large amount of it. The red strain, on the other hand, works almost like the green one except more powerful and more intense. So in finding out which works best for you, take the strain that produces the closest benefits to what you’re aiming for and experiment there. 

Here are some types of Kratom that can boost your energy and make you happy and motivated:

White Bali

If you’re looking to get a strong wave of energy and motivation, go for the White Bali. It will take your body into overdrive, giving you more energy and enthusiasm than you could possibly handle. 

Just like many Kratom strains, large amounts of this can sedate and numb you. It would usually start feeling like that at 8 gms or more. This type of Kratom is hard to control. It can make you extremely giddy that you’ll have a hard time staying still. 

This kratom can produce both a boost in energy and happiness while giving you a taste similar to that of opium. Just gradually increase the doses you take it in until you get your desired results. This type of White strain kratom is recommended by people who have tried it before.

The Malay (White strain and Green strain)

Malay is a milder type of Kratom. It’s not as strong as Maeng Da and is by far smoother and more gentle. It offers both a white strain and a green one. Use Malay’s White Kratom Strain to uplift your mood and to energize yourself. Malay’s Green Kratom strain can also produce those effects, but it’s better used as a painkiller. Unlike the Maeng Da, it would take you a large amount of Malay to start feeling overwhelmed and giddy. The drug is weaker, which makes it perfect for beginners.  

Another positive thing about Malay is that it lasts a long time. You can enjoy its effects for about 3 hours or sometimes more. 

 Maeng Da (White Strain)

Maeng Da’s white strain is one of the best Kratom strains to use if you’re going for an opium-like feeling. It will boost your energy and keep you at the edge of your seat. This kratom can motivate you to do more with your day. It’s perfect for those who need a little boost every day.  

Just a remember to never go over 6gms. That amount should be more than enough to give you all the energy and motivation that you need. Any strain of Kratom, when taken at large amounts, can be overwhelming for you, and you might not be able to handle it. 

This strain of Kratom, the powdered Maeng Da (White Strain), is one of the best on this list.

Using Kratom to treat drug dependency

Kratom has many uses. You can use it as an opium alternative. You could also use it to boost your energy and your motivation. While other people, mostly professionals, use it to help drug dependents get through withdrawal.

Kratoms affects the brain almost like morphine. It influences the opioid receptors in the body to produce its effects. 

The Kratom strain that shares the closest behavior to morphine is the red strain. Like morphine, it’s also a great pain-killer. It induces the feeling of emotional and physical numbness leaving you feeling detached and strangely calm.

This is why many drug dependents use Kratom to try and get out of their addiction. The drug can make you feel almost the same way opium does, but without the emotional instability and without the fear of getting addicted to it. 

How can you use Kratom to get yourself through withdrawal?

Any Kratom strain can be bad for the body when taken in large amounts. Even the white strain is capable of numbing and sedating you at a certain amount. It’s important to understand the effects that Kratom has on the body depending on the strain and the amount taken. 

Trial and error are the only working method for finding the perfect blend to produce your desired results. 

We know that kratom produces many effects depending on the dosage, so in using it to treat withdrawal we have to be very careful in choosing the right strain and deciding on the amount to be used as treatment. Choose a strain that’s good for inducing calmness, a little numbness, and pain relief. 

The Maeng Da(Red Strain) meets all of these criteria, if taken in small doses. It can boost your energy and motivation. Just remember not to go overboard with the dosage. Taking in a large amount will cause numbness and pain relief to the point that you’ll feel detached with a lack of ability to feel. 

This is why experimentation is very important. You have to find that one good blend what agrees with you and delivers all our desired benefits. 

What you want to use Kratom for, depends entirely on you. If you need to get through withdrawal, then go right ahead. If you want to use it as an opium alternative, that’s good too. 

Just remember to be careful with the dosage. Anything above 6 gms is considered too much. Consider that number the average dosage for Kratom. The most recommended amount is 3 gms. This should be more than enough to achieve all the benefits that you need to help yourself get better. If you happen to get ahold of a really strong type of Kratom, start with 1 or even 2 gms. Just gradually add to the amount from there to get your results. 

What Kratom strain feels most like an opiate (such as Oxycontin)?

Kratom, like morphine, influences the body’s opioid receptors to achieve its results. The higher the dosage, the faster your reaction would be. 

The effects that set in first are decreased pain and lighter moods. This intensifies as you add to the amount that enters your body. 

Even if they’re considered mild, the green and the white strains of the drug still have a tendency to induce the opium-like feeling but in moderation. You can get the feeling more intensely from the red kratom strain. 

So if you’re looking for a strain of Kratom to use as an opiate alternative, start looking at the red ones. Like the real thing, it’s a powerful pain reliever and can induce feelings of numbness in your body.

All products that have the red kratom strain can produce these effects. The intensity of the effects will still depend on how strong the red strain is and how much of it you ingested. 

If you’re using Kratom to treat withdrawal, always check with a doctor first. The drug can have certain side effects when taken at such a high dosage. It can upset your stomach, make you nauseous, and itchy. You could even experience a loss of appetite from time to time. Since withdrawal also has symptoms like this, you could kill yourself in trying to make yourself better. And of course, don’t jump right into taking in a high dose of Kratom immediately, start small and gradually increase the amount from there.

Which Kratom strains are best for opiate withdrawl?

Red Thai

This kratom has a big advantage versus other brands on this list. It has the least side effects. Even when you’re taking large doses of this product, expect little to none bad side-effects. Like the Red Bali, large doses can induce pain-relief and numbness. 

If you’re looking to get the usual red strain benefits but with fewer side-effects, then this one’s for you. It’s far more gentle but not any less effective. Plus it’s cheaper than the other brands on this list. 

Get some at and experience its benefits for yourself. 

Red Bali

This type of Kratom can really imitate the feeling of opium in the body which makes it a great help in dealing with patients suffering from withdrawal symptoms. 

Red Bali is not as strong as Maeng Da, but that doesn’t mean you can just run with it. People have reported bad side-effects after taking a large amount of the drug. When using this Kratom, start small. Just gradually add to the amount you’re taking, if you’re not satisfied with the result.

Red Maeng Da

This is one of the best types of Kratom on the market. It can be used to treat a number of things. 

It can behave like morphine and kill the pain. It could also induce the feeling of numbness when taken at large doses. 

If you’re after the motivation, the calmness and relief from bodily pain, take only a small amount of this. About 4 grams should do. Remember to treat 6 gms as the average amount you can take. If you happen to get your hands on the enhanced Maeng Da(Red Strain), stay at 3 or 4 gms. It’s very strong so you don’t need to consume so much to feel its effects. 

In Conclusion

You now know more about Kratom and its most effective strain the red vein. You know exactly how it’s used and what it’s used for. 

You are also aware of what the white kratom strain is for. It’s not the best choice to use for treating drug dependency, but it’s good for motivating people and boosting energies. It probably wouldn’t be able to give drug addicts the kind of effects that they need to beat their addiction. 

Although Kratom affects people like other drugs, it can be controlled and there’s very little chance that you’ll be addicted to it. 

Despite its proven effectiveness in countering addiction and helping people with various problems, the United States is still pushing for a ban on the herbal drug. 

There are currently no laws against it so don’t worry about using Kratom. Neither the FDA nor the FBI has moved against the drug, and they still have no substantial information to stop the public from using it. 

Don’t be afraid to give Kratom a try. Whether you’re going to use it to treat addiction, induce feelings of calmness, or give yourself a little boost in motivation this drug can definitely help you out. Just remember to experiment safely and take all the tips that you got from this article and use it to find the blend that works best for you. 

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