Saliva drug tests are another method of testing for drug use, along with urinalysis. This type of drug test may be used alone or in combination with other drug tests, especially if you have had a urine test come back diluted or there is a reason to suspect you may have tampered with your urine sample. Oral detoxes are a great way to temporarily neutralize your saliva and prevent an oral swab test from finding traces of drugs in your saliva. 

Oral detoxes are as safe to use as regular mouthwash and most do not have any adverse side effects. These can be used in combination with other methods of oral detox and are also safe to use with other types of detoxes, such as ones to remove traces of toxins from your urine. If you need to pass a drug test in order to receive a job offer, to keep your current job, or to avoid jail time, an oral detox is a great product to try. Keep in mind, your best chance of passing a drug test is to obviously not use the drugs in the first place but hindsight is 20/20 and if you do need to get out of a bind, oral detoxes can help.

Why Use an Oral Detox Rinse

I’m sure you can think of the main benefits of buying an oral detox but there may be some you haven’t considered. 

They help you pass an oral drug test

The effectiveness of oral detoxes will vary and which drugs they are effective against all depends on the exact oral detox. This type of detox is designed to specifically neutralize traces of drugs in your saliva (temporarily) so that they do not turn up on a saliva test. If you have to take a drug test and are worried you’re not able to pass, this is most likely because the drug test is sudden or random. Maybe you got a job offer after not hearing from the company for months or they offered it faster than they said the would after meeting with you. Maybe your company decided to do random drug testing. Maybe a parent or loved one wants you to take a test for some reason. Oral detoxes can help you pass these tests.

They work quickly

A drug like THC is usually only detectable in saliva for 1-12 hours. Once you make it past that 12-hour mark, using an oral detox would only be an added precaution as the chances of you passing the test without one are better. However, what if you smoked marijuana in the evening and get called to a random saliva test the next morning? This is when you’d want to use an oral detox and luckily, they work extremely quickly and (depending on the detox) you would only need about 20-30 minutes to prepare for the test.

You only need one oral detox for a variety of drugs

Say you’re worried about testing positive for a combination of drugs. You can definitely find oral detoxes that will work for a wide range of things, from THC to nicotine to hard drugs and prescription drugs. The fact that you can use one product will save you both time and money while you prepare for your saliva test.

They don’t leave behind obvious tells

While this may not be true for some less effective oral detoxes, the liquids used to neutralize your saliva typically don’t leave behind any proof that you’ve done anything to help you pass your drug test. Unlike with urine detoxes, you’re not going to get a “diluted sample” result from using an oral detox. Quality oral detoxes also won’t leave behind any color to your mouth/saliva or residue that will tip anyone off.

They can make your breath smell better!

Many oral detoxes contain some of the same elements as a mouth wash and even come in different flavors you might find in a mouthwash or toothpaste. Somebody is going to be sticking their fingers in your mouth and getting close to you. It’s best if you don’t have bad breath.

The Top 3 Best Oral Detox Products to Help You Pass Your Mouth Swab Drug Test

This detox gum neutralizes saliva to mask nicotine, prescription drugs, and other toxins so that they do not appear on saliva or oral swabbing tests. Each package comes with one piece of layer styled gum. To use, you simply remove the gum from the tube and packaging, bit into the gum capsule with your mouth firmly closed, and allow the liquid within to swish around your mouth (do not swallow it). After thirty seconds of chewing, your saliva will be neutralized for around 30 minutes.

The Good

  • Can be used by even the heaviest of smokers. It’s recommended that you quit at least a few days before your test and that you wash your mouth out well multiple times a day to get the best effects but don’t worry if you are a heavy user, this can work for you.
  • No bad taste. This gum contains sugars and natural flavorings that make the liquid and gum taste similar to a regular gum you might chew.
  • For some people, this works for over 30 minutes. Don’t rely on it working longer than that but it’s good to know if you don’t quite make the 30-minute mark.

The Bad

  • This gum is extremely expensive, especially compared to other oral detoxes.
  • Contains aspartame. If you have a sensitivity to this artificial sweetener, this is not the oral detox for you.

Stinger Detox Mouthwash comes in an inexpensive 2oz bottle. It is designed to neutralize a variety of toxins, including nicotine, THC, and prescription drugs. You simply swish the entire bottle around in your mouth for about 1-2 minutes then swallow the liquid. It begins working almost immediately and will continue to work about up to one hour. It has a vanilla flavor and contains 55 calories.

The Good

  • Inexpensive and budget-friendly. If you are worried about passing your test you could even buy two bottles and still pay less than some other products.
  • Alcohol and aspartame free
  • Won’t leave any color/residue in your mouth so it is safe to use shortly before your test.

The Bad

  • Does contain potassium sorbate, which can have some negative side effects like allergic reactions and migraines in some people. 
  • Heavy smokers or people who have introduced toxins less than a few days ago will want to use more than one bottle.
  • This tastes really disgusting. It can be hard to swallow the liquid but it needs to be done in order to work.
  • Says it works for most toxins but the effectiveness with drugs outside of nicotine and THC varies from person to person. If you are a user or hard or prescription drugs, you will want to use other methods in combination with this oral detox and abstain for as long as possible in order to up your chances of passing.

This mouthwash comes in a 1oz bottle and also comes with a saliva testing stick so that you can test the effectiveness of the mouthwash before your actual saliva test. You use it by swishing the half the bottle in your mouth for 2-3 minutes then spitting the liquid out. Repeat with the rest of the bottle then use the saliva test to see if the mouthwash has worked. This is designed to neutralize a variety of toxins and also comes with a money-back guarantee. Effects of the oral detox will last for roughly one hour.

The Good

  • Inexpensive.
  • Comes with a saliva test so you can verify it works before taking your actual test.
  • The test tells you if you test positive for a few different drugs, including THC, nicotine, opiates, and amphetamines. 
  • Can be spit out, unlike some other products. 

The Bad

  • Does not come with instructions for either the mouthwash or the test when you buy the product. You will need to look at the company website to get instructions. 
  • Results vary from person to person and from drug to drug. Use other methods of detox in combination with this mouthwash and abstain for as long as possible to increase your chances of passing your saliva test.

The Winner

The clear winner for me is the Clear Choice Oral Gum, for a variety of reasons. It is extremely expensive compared to other products but it is worth the price if your saliva test means the difference between keeping your job and losing it. It works for many different toxins and can be used by heavy users or those who are surprised by a last minute test. It does not taste bad, as some other products do. It also works for 30 minutes and does not leave any color or residue behind in your mouth so you can use it quickly before a test and trust that it won’t leave any obvious traces of having used an oral detox liquid. If you can afford to keep a tube of this gum on hand, it’s a good investment. Do keep in mind that if you have sensitivities or aversions to aspartame, you will want to proceed with caution when using this product. You may find it worth it, though, since it will help you to pass your saliva test. 

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