Do drug tests scare you?  As if that panel interview isn’t terrifying enough, it is such a bummer that any chance of you getting hired, in spite of your solid qualifications, can be quashed just because you smoke pot either casually, or regularly. 

This seems ironic, with the growing number of states that have recognized marijuana for recreational use, it would seem that companies would now forego drug testing.  And besides, many employers are also struggling with hiring human resources as it is, adding a drug test is surely not helping the manpower shortage.  However, drug testing is a federal program that makes it mandatory for your employment, you have no choice but to face the inevitable.

Pre-employment drug testing requires applicants to be screened for drug use before employers offer the job.  In fact, even existing employees may be subject to random testing depending on the state you live in. 

In this article I will outline all the different types of drug tests you may be subjected to, one by one, and tell you exactly how to beat them using only the latest proven methods.

The 4 Types of Drug Tests

I will discuss 4 types that can be used by companies to screen potential employees by enlisting the services of an outsourced laboratory to conduct the test.  Urinalysis is utilized 75 percent of the time, followed by the hair strand test.  Saliva examination is rarely used because THC lasts in saliva for just a few hours.  While it is the most accurate method, a blood drug test also has a short detection window yet, it is also the most invasive and expensive type of drug testing.

Drug testing using a urine sample

In this method, urine samples are screened in the lab for any evidence of drug ingestion. As the body breaks down the THC, your urine is examined for any metabolic byproduct such as the THC-COOH.  Its cutoff value is usually 50 ng/ml, anywhere below that, you will pass your drug test.  Please note that this metabolite is processed very slowly, hence it can show up in your urine up to three months.  Of course, if you smoked a lot prior, the longer it will stay.

Drug testing using a hair strand sample

This test is executed by cutting around 100 hair strands from different spots of your head to prevent a bald spot appearance.  If you are actually bald, the sample collector may use your body hair instead.  The sample will then be analyzed for drug use during the last 90 days prior to the test.  Aside from marijuana, the hair follicle drug testing is used to detect cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and a number of opioids. 

Drug testing using a saliva sample

Considered the least invasive and the fastest in terms of yielding results in as little as 10 minutes, saliva testing is also cheap, but it is quite easy to beat the system.  A swab will be brushed against your gums, under your tongue, and your inner cheeks.  While there is only a 4 to 6-hour window for joint, other drugs such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and amphetamines have a slightly longer detection of up to 48 hours from last usage.

Drug testing using a blood sample

Unlike urinalysis, the presence of the parent drug can be detected from a blood drug test, instead of just its metabolites.  A blood drug test analyzes blood extracted from the inner portion of your arm, or the back side of a palm using a needle or fingerstick.  While this type of drug test is very accurate and difficult to beat, it is uncommon because of its invasiveness and the time for the results to come out which can take up to 7 days.   

Confirmation of drug test results

A GC/MS (gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry) is a confirmation test that is administered once an individual has tested positive for drug use.  This tandem technology identifies molecules according to fragmentation patterns given their retention times. The test is more specific and sensitive which can also reveal any error or irregularity that occurred during the initial screening.  This may happen with a specimen switch.  Or it can unlock a false positive result from the first testing where you get a non-negative outcome even if you’re not a drug user, but because you are taking medication that may cause the test to react to it.  This is why second testing after a positive result is an automatic procedure.

There is no one size fits all solution for beating a drug test. The type of test you’re taking and the drugs you’ve been using are the biggest variables, but there is no ultimate solution that can help beat them all. Here are a few of the most common ways to beat the most common drug tests.

How to Pass a Urine Drug Test

Option #1 – Buy Fake Urine

Getting your pee sample may or may not be supervised.  And there are ingenious means to trick such a test.  A popular hack is using synthetic urine, especially if you find it difficult to even temporarily take a break from smoking pot.  Sounds cray, but yes, there is such a thing.  It is a liquid substance that mimics the look, color, and chemical composition of human urine such as uric acid, urea, creatinine, among others.  Even the pH level and gravity of actual urine is matched by the fake pee.

You can get synthetic urine in either dried powder form or as a pre-mixed solution, but with a limited expiration date.  As such, you cannot store it among your emergency supplies in your stash.  You have to note that when you are about to fool the administrator, you must make sure that the fake urine matches the temperature of normal urine, which is a little under 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Anywhere below 94F or above 100F, will blow your cover.

That is why such urine includes a thermometer in its kit, plus either the heat activator, or warming pad.  This will help you achieve a believable urine sample.  You can get more creative by carrying it in a bottle warmer as an alternative. Personally, I prefer Clear Choice Sub Solution which includes its heat activator.  It increases the temperature to the desired amount in about 20 seconds. 

An unsupervised testing almost guarantees that you will ace it, with the help of your synthetic urine.  You can simply place your fake pee in the appropriate container for submission.  Another scenario would be to get your pee on the spot in the designated area by providing you with the corresponding bottle.  You can simply slip your synthetic urine in any portion of your shirt or pants and transfer its contents to the provided container.

Of course, you can expect stricter procedures when this test will be conducted because most likely, lab attendants are already familiar with this type of pee hack.   It will help to get some intel from those who have already taken the same test from the same lab to know if your synthetic urine strategy is a feasible one.

Assuming they are pedantic, hard nosed attendants,  they will ask you to provide the urine sample under their supervision.   This can be rather difficult to execute, but still doable given a carefully planned implementation.  A belt for synthetic urine can help your case.  This urine belt that bears a skin tone so it blends in, is usually connected to the waist using a variable strap.  As it is unlikely the attendant will look at your genitals just to ensure that you are peeing your sample, at most, he will observe you from behind if you’re a guy.   

As the urine belt is strapped to your waist, it will seem like you are just holding your thing to direct it to the urine bottle.  In actuality, you are squeezing the concealed urine from its pouch to the container, and voila, your urine is drug-free.  If it’s any consolation, there have been many individuals who have successfully used this methodology.  Just make sure the strap is concealed beneath your underwear band.  It does not come totally risk-free because there is still that chance your overly stringent lab assistant will ask you to drop your pants completely.  And in that case, you will expose your rigged urine.

Option #2 – Take Detox Drinks

So you wonder, maybe you can ingest some type of drink that can blur the presence of THC in your urine if not, make them go away as fast as you can say guilty as charged.  Detox drinks are available to flush out drug metabolites from your system prior to taking your urine sample.  

Based on the scenario where your urine drug test is supervised, you might want to take this route instead.  However, choosing which type of detox drink is crucial, with many liquids being paraded as such, but has little if not, zero effect in eliminating or masking drug traces.  You can cross out  the following on your list:  QCarbo32, Chump Flush, Stinger, Vale detox and other supposed detox juices from Walmart.

As such, i can recommend Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean which work great with ridding your body of drug evidence.  Mega Clean, which is designed for regular pot smokers weighing above 230 pounds, is so effective you could have smoked weed that same day and still pass your urinalysis immediately after.  Ok, that could still be risky, but it should be good if your urine test is happening 24 hours after your Mega Clean detox.  

To detox using Mega Clean,  drop its pre-cleanse pill in a 16-ounce glass filled with water and drink it the day before you intend to be free of drug toxins.  Take another drink after an hour until you have consumed 6 glasses.  Two hours before your drug test, gulp the whole herbal cleanse bottle and follow up with a refill of plain water.  You will find yourself peeing nonstop afterwards, which gives you more liberty even if you are subjected to a supervised urine test.

With Ultra Eliminex, although a pricey option which retails at around 80 dollars, it is a premium detox drink that also caters to the same type of smokers as those targeted by Mega Clean. Even though if you’re not under the “heavy” category, it should work ok.  The instructions are plain and simple.  Drink the entire bottle a couple of hours before your scheduled drug test.  The detoxed effect in your urine should last for 5 hours afterwards.

For best results though, give your weed a break for a few days before taking any of the aforementioned drinks.  It won’t hurt if you will also drink lots of H2O, consume food that is rich in fiber, and perform physical activities to bolster your toxin-free results.

Option #3 – Use Detox Pills

Where you’ll find detox drinks, detox pills are around the corner as well.  In fact, many consider them as highly reliable, especially with the synergistic effects of combining the two. Some detox pills essentially interfere with a drug test, masking the drug metabolites temporarily like a detox drink, but some can actually clear toxins from your body so they are undetectable in your urine sample.

Not sure which detox pills are legit? Check out The 5 Best Detox Pills for a Clean Drug Test

While taking drug detox pills, be sure to eat a high fiber diet and drink lots of water. As you may be already aware, fiber aids in digestion such that it can facilitate regular bowel movement.  It also has an added benefit of attaching to your bile.  This targets fat elimination which relates to one of the observed effects of THC metabolites in the body, such that they are fat soluble.

When you ingest the right amounts of fiber (along with a drug detox kit), most of your THC metabolites can be removed through your stool, with the remaining quantity being flushed out in your urine.

If you’re in a hurry and want the best of the best when it comes to detox pills, go with Toxin Rid.  While you may choose from a variety of quantities, you should opt for the seven-day plan if you want to be worry-free.  This type of detox pill works on practically all psychoactive drugs including marijuana like cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, and even nicotine.

Option #4 – Natural Detox

If you are able to plan way ahead, you can choose to detox your body from drugs naturally.  That is if you don’t want any of the earlier hacks that were discussed.  Be ready to set aside at least 30 days before your scheduled drug testing.

You can perform this detox by skipping processed food, exercising regularly, hydrating more frequently, among other sensible steps.  This is somewhat a temporary lifestyle change, but it may not be a guaranteed way of shipping your drug toxins into oblivion.  However, it might well be worth a try.   You can perhaps get a DIY drug testing and see if the metabolites have been eliminated from your body before subjecting yourself to the actual drug test.

Why Use a Detox Drink?

Even in states where marijuana is legal, some companies still drug test for it and will rescind job offers if you test positive for THC. This is where detox drinks come in. Detox drinks work by flushing your system out and essentially diluting your urine sample in order to mask toxin levels (temporarily). They are typically fast acting and are meant to be drunk on the day of your drug test. This makes them ideal for people who are being tested on short notice, since you may not have 7 days to go through a full cycle of Toxin Rid.

Masks toxins

This is the main point of a detox drink, of course. Toxins such as THC and nicotine can build up in your system and remain around for quite a while as they are often stored in fat and will turn up in urine samples. Detox drinks work to temporarily mask these toxins even though they do not remove them.

Pass a (urine) drug test

The point of masking things like THC and nicotine is usually to pass a urinalysis. Sometimes you don’t have the time to properly detox your system before a test as they can come up randomly, such as when you get an unexpected job offer or your place of work does random drug tests.

Works quickly

Detox drinks usually start to work within a couple of hours and then you have a five-hour window in which to take your drug test. You’ll benefit from abstaining from smoking for at least a few days and also from performing other detox methods like taking detox pill kits but if you don’t have that luxury, detox drinks still work quickly.

Vitamins and minerals

Detox drinks generally contain vitamins and minerals that help give your urine color and make it appear as if it is not diluted. Without them, you would have a clear, diluted sample and need to retake your test potentially. These vitamins and minerals are good for your body and can have great health benefits, in addition to helping you pass your test.

Lower tolerance

Detox drinks themselves only mask THC but when used as part of an entire detox program, you can clear out levels of THC (or nicotine) from your body. This can make it easier to cut back your usage if that is something you are trying to do. Some people find that without the stored up levels of toxins in their bodies they also have a lowered tolerance when smoking and so require less.

Reduce bloating

As a consequence of having to flush your system out, detox drinks require that you drink a lot of water and also help you to expel that water. Getting rid of excess water can help with bloating.

UTI help

Again, detox drinks work because you have to drink a lot of water and then the ingredients in the drink help to remove excess water from your system. They also often include ingredients such as cranberries, which are good for urinary tract health. Even if you’re not trying to detox for a drug test, detox drinks can be great for keeping your urinary tract healthy and avoiding UTIs.

Digestive help

This could potentially be a con for some people. Detox drinks also work by clearing out waste in your system and this can cause some people to have diarrhea or stomach upset. If you are someone who has trouble with constipation, however, the fiber and other ingredients in detox drinks can be a great help.

The 5 Best Detox Drinks to Help You Pass a Drug Test

Detoxify Mega Clean Herbal Cleanse

This cleansing drink is designed for people with high levels of toxins in their bodies. It helps to support and boost your body’s own detoxifying processes. The full cleansing systems helps your circulatory, urinary, and digestive systems. It comes in a fruity, tropical flavor to make the detox process more pleasant. This is designed to be used in conjunction with a detox pill kit though you can use it on its own just be aware that it has a temporary masking effect, not a full cleansing effect.

The Good

  • This liquid includes a vitamin blend that will help to make urine samples appear normal. This is important since urine samples that are too diluted will throw up a red flag even if you come up negative and it is likely you’ll have to take the test again.
  • The instructions come with a chart that shows you how the levels of toxins in your urine go down, stabilize, and then go back up. This is helpful and important so you know when to drink the liquid compared to when your drug test is.
  • I was able to get a negative test after using this. The window can be narrow though so make sure you’re within the window when tested.
  • Good price. I’ve seen similar drinks for three times the price so this is a deal.
  • Can be used by anyone regardless of weight or amount of toxins. If you’re worried about it not being enough, you can always drink a second bottle.

The Bad

  • The product description can be a bit misleading. This cleansing liquid dilutes your urine and masks any THC or nicotine present but it does not permanently cleanse them from your system.
  • I had a big stomach ache after drinking this. 
  • The first hour after taking it I also had digestive issues and some diarrhea. This is to be expected from a cleanse I suppose but make sure you have some time where you can be home for about an hour or so after you drink this.
  • The taste is pretty bad. It’s not terrible but I would suggest watering it down while drinking it. 
  • Results seem to be all over the board. For some people, it works perfectly and others it doesn’t work at all, even when instructions are followed perfectly. Weight, size, and amount of toxins don’t seem to be a factor in how it varies either.

Alpha-Clean Natural Drug Detox

This product from Alpha-Clean is designed to detox your body from caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, prescription drugs, OTC drugs, and THC. It contains no laxatives or stimulants, as some other detox products do. It contains an all-natural blend of herbs, including milk thistle, goldenseal root, burdock root, red clover, yellow dock, beet powder, and bentonite clay. You use it by dumping 1-3 capsules into a glass of water to create a drink. The blend of herbs not only helps to detox your system but helps to increase energy levels and support your immune system in order to keep you going throughout your detox. You can use this for up to two weeks.

The Good

  • This is a product that works to actually detox your system and remove toxins, not just mask them. Once you have successfully detoxed and are able to pass an at home urine test, you don’t have to take your actual test within a certain window of time. You can take it at any point after that, so long as you do not reintroduce any toxins.
  • You can use this for up to two weeks so you can detox longer.
  • Has a better track record of working than the masking detox drinks. It isn’t 100% certain it will work for you, nothing is, but it is more likely than others.

The Bad

  • If using drinks I prefer to actual bottles of liquid. You could also just take these as capsules and not put the powder into your drink.
  • The product doesn’t advertise itself as being able to help you pass a drug test but it can certainly be used that way. Because of this, though, you can’t necessarily get your money back if your complaint is that it didn’t properly detox you before a drug test.

Rescue Detox Ice Instant Cleansing Energy

This detox drink is designed to give you a five-hour testing window in which you should test negative on a urine analysis test. The drink is available in 17 and 32 oz sizes as well as three different flavors. There are no preservatives, dyes, or other synthetic ingredients included either. Ingredients include sodium, potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12. There is also a blend of different herbs to assist in flushing fluids from your system while keeping your energy levels up. It is recommended that you avoid exposure to any toxins for at least 48 hours prior to using this on test day, though ceasing intake for longer is definitely better.

The Good

  • This is another drink that is well-priced, so long as it works. It may seem odd to pay $20 for a drink but as long as you turn up negative on your test it is totally worth it. 
  • I can’t vouch as to how this works for heavy users or for people who have not abstained for a couple of weeks but this did work for me. I think abstaining from smoking for at least two weeks and drinking lots of water definitely helps this to work better.
  • I liked the taste. I tried the cranberry pomegranate mangosteen and it was a much more pleasant flavor than some of the other drinks I tried. The taste was similar to vitamin water. 
  • There is a number to call on the package so that you can speak with a cleansing coach. They will answer any questions you have and help walk you through the process if you have any confusion or concerns about the directions.

The Bad

  • As with other products on this list, it isn’t quite clear on the product listing but this does not permanently detox your system. It temporarily dilutes and masks toxins in your urine so that you can pass a drug test within a five-hour window.
  • I was nauseous after drinking this and also had some cramping and light-headedness. The cramping continued for a few hours.
  • The included vitamins are supposed to help your urine sample to not be diluted but it doesn’t always work. I’d suggest drinking coffee or taking additional B vitamins or multivitamins in order to help with the dilution. 
  • This won’t happen if you follow the instructions and drink a lot of water, but this drink turns your urine green.

Stinger 1-Hour Detox Liquid

This detox drink is a formulation that is the same as Stinger’s regular detox drink but it is 5x stronger. It is designed to detox heavy smokers and works very quickly. You only have to take it 1-1 ½ hours before your test and then you simply refill the bottle four times with water and drink that as well. As long as you are urinating frequently (but are still able to before your test!) it should work to flush your system out. The drink also contains Niacin to help with giving your urine sample an undiluted appearance. It is necessary that you avoid exposure to THC, as well as alcohol and dairy, for a minimum of 48 hours or else this product will not work.

The Good

  • This is designed to be fast acting. If you have a drug test sprung on you and only have a couple of days to detox, this is a good product to try.
  • The grape flavor isn’t too bad, compared to the flavor of some other drinks.
  • There is no dietary fiber so you won’t have to deal with potential diarrhea.

The Bad

  • This has mixed reviews, as some of the other products. When it works it works perfectly and within the timeframe but when it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work even if all directions are followed perfectly. Use at your own risk and honestly, do try detoxing for as long as possible since 48 hours may not be enough time.
  • This does have Niacin but that isn’t always enough to give your urine sample that undiluted appearance. Take a multivitamin with this just to be safe.
  • Heavier people may need to take two bottles in order for it to be effective.

Herbal Clean QCarbo32 

If you are looking for a combination of detox drink plus detox pills, this is a great choice. When you buy the QCarbo32 detox drink you get a bottle of QPretox free. The drink is designed especially for people who have higher body weights or who are heavy smokers. The 32 oz herbal formulation acts quickly and is easy to use. When used in combination with the pre-detox pills, you will not only be able to mask the toxins in your body but actually flush them out until you reintroduce them. Do keep in mind that using the detox drink only will simply mask the toxins like other drinks do, though. The detox drink also contains a blend of vitamins, including Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Thiamin, and Riboflavin while the pills contain B3. The vitamins help to make it so that your urine sample is not diluted. 

The Good

  • I like that this comes with a free bottle of pre-detox pills. If you have the time to abstain and use the pills for a few days (or a couple of weeks as that will yield better results) before your test then the drink will work much better because it won’t have to flush out and mask higher levels of THC, as you will have already detoxed at least some of it out of your system.
  • This is specifically designed for people who are heavier in weight or who are heavy THC users. With other drinks, you may have to buy two or more to get the same effects as smaller people or casual users. You save money by having to only buy one.
  • The drink contains 16 g of dietary fiber. This helps with flushing out your system and makes the drink more effective.
  • This is a one-step drink. Some other drinks require you to drink water or complete other steps after consuming the drink but this one does not require water. Some extra water wouldn’t hurt, though.
  • The vitamins included not only help to give your urine sample an undiluted appearance but because they are B vitamins, they help with energy levels. This is a great bonus for me!
  • If the product doesn’t work, the company offers a money-back guarantee. Just return any of the unused pills and they will issue a refund.

The Bad

  • The bottle is “free” but the drink itself is more expensive than some of the other drinks on this list. That being said, it is still a good deal as you would spend more buying the two items separately.
  • It’s a double-edged sword with the dietary fiber. It can cause you to have diarrhea if your body isn’t used to you consuming a lot of fiber. This helps to clear you out of course but isn’t a very pleasant experience. People who regularly consume a lot of fiber may not have this issue.
  • There isn’t a 100% guarantee this is going to work. As with other drinks, the effectiveness does appear to vary from person to person.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Detox Drink

  • Body fat: THC is stored within fat cells in the body. If you have a higher percentage of body fat, it is likely that you have larger amounts of THC stored in your body. It is going to take you longer to flush THC out of your system and you will need to abstain from smoking for longer than a person with a low body fat percentage. People who exercise regularly and have low body fat are able to flush THC out of their system more quickly and won’t need to abstain for as long, generally. Heavier people and people with higher body fat may need to drink more of a detox drink than those with low body fat.
  • How much you smoke: Light smokers or people who only smoke occasionally will be able to flush toxins out of their system much faster than heavy, regular users. In fact, one bottle of a regular detox drink may not be enough to even mask THC levels temporarily for a heavy user. It’s important to abstain for as long as possible prior to your test and heavy smokers may need to use other detox methods in addition to the detox drinks in order to test negative.
  • How long you have been abstaining: Detox drinks and other methods of detoxing work better the longer you have abstained from exposure to toxins. Even if you are using the best detox drink on the market, it is likely that if you’ve been smoking only hours before taking it that it won’t work. Abstain for as long as possible for best results.
  • Testing window: Since detox drinks temporarily mask THC levels, you need to carefully consider your timing. If you take the detox drink too early, you risk losing the masking effect, missing your window, and failing your test. Check the product to see how long your window is, it’s typically something like five hours. You also need to check the window you have between when you drink the detox liquid and when the masking effects actually kick in.
  • Price: Most of the detox drinks on this list will run you about $20.

How to Beat a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Option #1 – Use a Detox Shampoo

When cutting over a hundred strands with less than 2 inches in length from your head just to provide a sample for hair follicle drug testing is too much for you to sacrifice, use shampoo from the “detox line” instead. I know this might sound a lot of bull, but yes, it works.  One such product is Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo, whose active ingredient propylene glycol can strip the hair of any drug metabolites in less than a week.  If time is of the essence. you can simply increase your shampooing frequency in the few days leading up to the hair drug test.  You need not worry about any hair damage from using this type of shampoo as it is safe even with repeated use.

Option #2 – Follow the Macujo Methodology

Drug tests using hair follicles are some of the hardest tests to pass for marijuana smokers or semi-regular drug takers. Faking your pee sample won’t work here, and detox drinks don’t work hair follicles. Luckily for you, we found a way to counter this drug test on your hair follicle.  

The Macujo method has been proven to work. It has worked for a lot of people for a long time. This method guarantees that you will pass a drug test on your hair follicle, but you have to make sure that you are using the correct ingredients and closely following the instructions to a tee. 

You can find forums, videos on YouTube and websites with thousands of comments from users giving positive feedback on this method. 

For the Macujo method, you’ll need a Zydot Ultra Clean and an Aloe Toxi Rid. The total price for both is around $235.  (Yes, that is insanely expensive. There’s also a risk of damaging your hair follicles, but you can reduce the risk by doing the process right.

As we’ve mentioned above, a drug test with your hair follicles is one of the hardest drug tests to pass if you’re a drug user. If you desperately want to pass, then prepare to spend some time and money with this Macujo method. 

You can’t expect to get away by cutting corners and using some cheap remedy like using lime juice as a shampoo substitute.   

Steps To Follow for the Macujo Method 

Before starting this method, you have to be aware that the ingredients you’ll be using have a very high possibility of damaging your hair. This is because these ingredients will open the strands of your hair and clean the toxins such as THC, inside it.  

Care for your hair properly after doing this method. Use a conditioner regularly to prevent further damage. 

Here are the steps in doing this method. Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and correctly to get successful results.  

What you need:

  • Large sink
  • Warm water
  • Eye Goggles (to protect your eyes from the substances that may cause damage)
  • Rubber Hand Gloves 
  • Shower cap
  • Heinz White Vinegar
  • Clean and Clear Shampoo with salicylic acid
  • Aloe Rid shampoo 
  • Tide Liquid Detergent
  • Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo 


  1. Make sure that you have your goggles and rubber gloves before starting.  
  2. Use the warm water to thoroughly rinse your scalp and hair. 
  3. After rinsing, apply the Heinz White Vinegar and make sure that it gets into all parts of your scalp and hair roots. You may feel a bit of burning sensation on your scalp while doing this. 
  4. Shampoo your hair with the Clean and Clear Shampoo containing salicylic acid, making sure that you massage it thoroughly into the scalp. You’ll start feeling a little more burning sensation on your scalp. Take note: You do NOT rinse the Heinz White Vinegar from your hair before applying the shampoo.  
  5. Cover your hair with the shower cap and leave it on for 30 minutes to do what it needs to do. 
  6. After 30 minutes, remove your shower cap then rinse the substance off from your scalp and hair using warm water. 
  7. Use the Aloe Rid shampoo to wash your scalp and hair. Do this twice. For the method to work, use only the shampoo’s old formula. Avoid the fake ones that you can buy from online sites. 
  8. Use Tide Liquid Detergent (few drops) to wash out your hair. Keep washing until they are squeaky clean. 
  9. After doing steps 1-8 on the final or last day of doing the procedure, use Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo to wash out your hair and scalp. 

Important: Always finish this process with a thorough rinse of your scalp and hair using warm water. You have to make sure that there are no harsh chemicals left on your scalp or hair every time you do this process.  

What if the Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo Old Formula is no longer available? 

Unfortunately, without the Aloe Rid Shampoo, your Mercujo method won’t be successful. You also should only be using the shampoo’s old formula as it is stronger and effective than the newer version. 

Another bad news, they have stopped making the old formula for years. You would still be able to find it, but it sells at an expensive price since the supply is low, and the suppliers are very few. Beware of fake supplies and suppliers.   

For how many days should you be following the Macujo Method?

Do the Macujo step by step process daily for 7 or 8 days before the hair drug test. 

Doing it for at least a week ensures that the toxins are thoroughly removed from your exposed hair shafts. 

If you have less than 7 days before the test, you can do this method thrice a day for 3 days. There are people who say that this will work. However, you are also damaging your hair more. 

Some people reported that they were successful with doing it for 5 days (twice in a day). Others who didn’t have enough time before the drug test, reported success by doing it 3 to 4 times in one day then doing it one more time on test day.   

To ensure success, keep this in mind: 

  • Do not take any other drugs or smoke marijuana when doing the Macujo method 
  • Ingredients should be complete and correct 
  • Do this method twice in a day for 5 days  
  • Follow the instructions step by step each and every time.   

How to Beat a Saliva Drug Test

Option #1 – Chew a Detox Gum

To pass a saliva or mouth swab testing, chewing a neutralizing gum such as oral clear gum can counteract any drug traces in your saliva in as fast as 30 seconds. This allows you a shorter window of less than an hour before testing of saliva, which guarantees you of getting the clear.

Not sure which oral detox product is best? Check out How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

Option #2 – Gargle with a Detox Mouthwash

While you can use your regular minty Listerine for this purpose, you might also want to get a specific type of mouthwash such as Toxin Rid Rescue Wash.  Just like gum, this method works fast and require little window time.  Its one-ounce size is compact enough, making it easy to put on your person in the event of a surprise or short-notice drug testing.

How to Pass a Blood Drug Test

Toxin Rid Detox Pills

This works not only in beating the urine test, but a blood test as well, which should be taken at least a week prior.  The pills work by giving your blood a type of cleanse in order to erase traces of drugs in your bloodstream. Complementing it with a fiber-rich diet and frequent water intake to boost the toxin elimination is crucial, otherwise, you might still fail the blood test. 

Drug Detox Remedies That Do NOT Work

Performing a niacin flush: This can pose health risks when taking it in high doses, which lead to major side effects such as liver damage and high blood pressure.

Adulterating urine Adding chemicals like bleach or ammonia will not go undetected during a lab analysis.

Drinking special juices

Cranberry or vegetable juices such as carrot drinks will not do anything to eliminate drug metabolites.

Sipping Palo Azul tea

This type of tea offers several benefits, but clearing your drug test is not one of them.

Using the Certo method

Named after a fruit pectin brand,  there is actually zero evidence that a fruit pectin can deter THC from swimming its way to your blood or urine.

Ingesting water in copious amounts

If you think you can pass a drug test by drinking tons of plain H2O, you’re in for a big disappointment. While diluting your urine with water may prevent you from testing positive for a substance, nearly all modern drug tests can detect diluted urine and you’ll be flagged for cheating.

Jogging or intense exercise

You may lose weight this way, but not the THC.

Bleaching your hair

Also known as the Jerry G method, a dye or bleach job cannot help you pass the hair follicle drug test if you used drugs prior.

Drinking vinegar or pickle juice:Just because they’re acidic, you would think it can rid your body of drug toxins, but no, they could not.:

The Verdict

The best of these by far is the Alpha-Clean Natural Drug Detox. While not a traditional detox drink, I like the fact that it actually detoxes your system. While the masking drinks can be great for when you don’t have a lot of time to detox and as an added step along with detox pill kits, I would feel better not just relying on a masking drink. Alpha-Clean Natural Drug Detox can be used for up to two weeks which is another thing I like as I think you need as much time as possible to detox. All of the drinks on this list can be effective but if you want something that will actually detox your system and not just mask the toxins, try this product. 

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